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CRO Staff

Marcel (Marcel)

CRO Founder – Manager – Blogger

I first came up with the idea for an online car show in early 2009 and after receiving the green light from our sponsors, Cool Rides Online was launched in June of 2009. Cool Rides Online started as a one page automotive contest but has since grown to this amazing club/website with over 5,000 members and more than 100,000 followers. More than the sheer number of people that Cool Rides Online has reached, I am most proud of the quality of people I’ve met and the many great friendships I’ve made through CRO.


CRO Staff 

I’ve been a part of Gold Eagle Co. since April Fool’s Day, 1992, when STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer announced the formation of the  U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association.  I serve as Public Relations and Event Marketing Manager for Gold Eagle Co., and am Founder and President of the USLMR).  I’m known as “Mr. Mow It All”  and lead our lawn mower racing community as we mow and grow nationwide.  CRO members and lawn mower racers  are cut from the same sod!  Both are passionate hobbyists who enjoy “showing up and showing off” with their cool rides, whether they be cars or racing lawn mowers!  As a CRO and USLMRA Community Manager, I’m always on the lookout for a good story to tell and ways to share our fun with others!

Melissa (mtaylor)

CRO Staff – Blogger – Editor

I have been part of the Cool Rides Online team since November 2014. I am currently the Social Media and Content Specialist at Gold Eagle Company and am still learning about the automotive world. As I have become more involved with the Cool Rides Online community I have had the chance to interview and get to know some amazing people who truly love their Cool Rides. I look forward to learning so much more and getting to know everyone!

Molly (mryba)

CRO Staff 

I am new to the Cool Rides Online Digital Team and am very excited to dive in and explore all the cool rides featured. I am going to work closely on maintaining the website and have the pleasure of working with the Ride of The Month contest. I am a novice when it comes to restoring classic cars and hot rods, but I love reading the stories and hearing about all the work that goes into car restoration projects. I look forward to meeting people in this community and learning from the all the passionate members.

Marcus (MMcglory)

Lead Web Developer

I strive to be the best of me I can be. I am adventurous while being cautious. I love life and have made a life choice to understand it by enjoying it. I love programming and design and I strive to make the internet as surreal as real life.

Tom (Tom Casale)

Marketing Consultant

My goal is to help the Champs and Gold Eagle get the most out of the programs we support.  I love finding new ways to bring innovation and improvement to everything we do.  Being a part of the Champs program from its’ inception has been incredibly rewarding… both personally and professionally!

Alex (AlexMITICH)

CRO Champs Technical Support – Blogger

I have been with Cool Rides Online for about 2 years. I have been on the content team and more recently, the CRO Champions Program. My background is in training. I have worked for companies such as CNN and Dale Carnegie Training. More recently, I have been working in online marketing and training concentrating on areas like Mobile/Text marketing, Content, Video, Email, Social Media and Local Search Marketing. Working with the Cool Rides Online team and the CRO Champions Program has been very rewarding; because of the great people I get to work with and have gotten to know over the last couple of years.


CRO Champs


Brian (77BANDIT)

CRO Champion

I joined CRO back in 2011 and went on to win Ride of the Month in September. Since then
I’ve been hooked on the CRO site, and met lots of great people through the forums. My car
club started hosting dedicated CRO nights in 2012 and they have grown into the biggest turnout
of our season. The guys at CRO and Gold Eagle really got behind us and helped grow these events
that support local kid’s charities. I am proud to be part of the grass-roots CRO Marketing team of
Champions out spreading the word about CRO to the car community.

Shawn (Gtdhw)

CRO Sponsored Racer – Moderator

I’m a car guy through & through. I currently have 6 vehicles and do everything I can to them, by myself. Drag racing is my passion though, and I do it every chance I can. I found CRO in may of 2011 and have had a blast here ever since. I’ve even been lucky enough to have CRO step up and sponsor my Sportsman car that I drive to the strip and race in the Summit Summer Points Series, for the last two seasons. I enjoy the site tremendously as the eye candy is endless and the people are even better!

Steve (Justa6)

Senior Moderator

I’m retired from Pontiac Motor Division here in Pontiac MI. Volleyball fanatic, still playin in 3 leagues 5 days a week. Hunting, boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles…I’m too old to grow up now! Cars are my #1 LOVE. PONTIAC’S forever in this driveway. Found CRO while it was still a contest and have been proud to represent and be a small part of the building process along the way. Administration has been the key to building the best carsite out there. Listening to what membership likes from other sites or new idea’s to create the Perfect CRO. Hats off to Marcel and Gold Eagle.

Chris (2vette2camaro)

CRO Champion

My whole world revolves around hot rods and old vintage Harleys and I am lucky to have a husband who has the same interests as I do.  I have been a member of CRO since 2012 and had the opportunity to become a CRO Champ in 2015.  I am super passionate about spreading my love of vintage cars and motorcycles to everyone, young and old, male or female.  I want to let people know that if you have your priorities straight, you can accomplish almost anything!  I live my life to the fullest, not just for myself, but also for others by constantly promoting people and products that I believe in.  I love being a CRO Champion and Gold Eagle and CRO are AMAZING and easy to promote!

Kerry Evans

CRO Champion

Kerry Evans is a Cool Rides Online Administrator, Vice President of the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association, master mechanic, outdoor power equipment shop owner, volunteer fire fighter  and all-around gear head!  Kerry has been around cars, engines, boats and power equipment his whole life and has been a part of the USLMRA for close to 20 years.  Kerry is a 2016 USLMRA Hall of Fame Inductee and is famous for his cooking skills, especially his famous bacon-wrapped shrimp!

Carl (cor66vette)

Senior Moderator

I joined CRO in January 2011 as soon as I discovered it and after getting sick and tired of the same old online car forums. It’s cool being part of a group of guys and gals who are excited about their rides and are willing to share that excitement. It’s also cool being part of a forum where the admins make it easy to participate and actually solicit ideas from the members. And CRO is so willing to “share the wealth” so to speak, by offering product freebies once in a while from forum sponsors. CRO is like a home away from home.

Rick (Rick)

CRO Champion

I found and joined CRO in May 2011 while searching the internet for websites and forums about cars that had a purpose and meaning. Found a contest on CRO and submitted my car. I not only won Car of the Month (Feb 2014)Contest but went on to win the Car of the Year (2014)Contest with my 55 Chevy Hardtop Bel-Air. The prizes from both contest were amazing to say the least. CRO and GOLD EAGLE are always looking out for the members and offer great rewards and products to prove it. I am also privileged to be given the opportunity to be a CRO CHAMP and to represent CRO and GOLD EAGLE by giving product samples out at events and talking up the company, website and forum to obtain more members. I am thankful that CRO and GOLD EAGLE have allowed me to be a small part of their fantastic family and to gain the friendship of so many people through the CRO website/forum.

Curt (Bruzen Cruzer)

CRO Champion

I joined Cool Rides Online in 2011 and had my Cruiser selected as one of the entries for Car of the Month. A few years later I was honored as a Cool Rides Champion. Now I represent CRO and Gold Eagle at the various car shows that I attend and those that CRO and Gold Eagle request that I attend. This is a highlight of my life and Gold Eagle and Cool Rides Online are the best in my book.

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