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CRO-Champion-070113-ver1.3You’re a leader. You love cool rides. You love shows.
Sounds like you’re already a CRO Champ!

The CRO Champion Program Application
The Cool Rides Online Champion Program was created to enable CRO members to actively promote the Cool Rides Online community and CRO web site during regional and local car shows that CRO members attend.

In this application you will provide your contact information, agree to the program requirements and tell us why you want to become a CRO Champion.

Your Contact Information and CRO Forum Profile ID is Required

Once you complete this application, our team will follow-up with you. Check your email for details about your acceptance and about the program.

In order to determine the level and type of support CRO can provide, please complete the following:

Terms of Agreement

I understand completing this Application is not a guarantee that I will be selected for this program. If selected to become a CRO Champion, I agree that while I am serving I will:

  • Conduct myself at all times in an appropriate, professional manner and understand that I am representing Gold Eagle Co. and Cool Rides Online as a Product Ambassador and Event Representative.
  • Not resell any promotional products provided to me as a Car Show Host.
  • While acting as a CRO Champion, refrain from the use of any alcohol or illegal drugs and always maintain a neat appearance.
  • Distribute provided materials to car show participants;
  • Forward a written recap with event photos to marketing@goldeagle.com;
  • Post a full recap of the car show with photos on the CRO Forum, Events Section;
  • Hang a 3’x6’ CRO banner during the car show and email or post a photo of the banner;
  • Add the Cool Rides Online Sponsor’s Choice Award (provided by CRO) to a car show participant on behalf of CRO and post the winner’s picture and story on the CRO Forum.

I understand that as a CRO Champion, I will be acting as an independent contractor, not as an agent of Gold Eagle Co., and will receive no financial remuneration other than the provided promotional products.

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