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Why I Joined Cool Rides Online

It was a little over five years ago that I was surfing the Internet for car shows and car related websites. I found Cool Rides Online and checked it out. It was very easy to join; I entered my information and then learned how to upload photos of my 2001 PT Cruiser. I take a lot of photos at the car shows that I attend so there were a lot of photos of my car to pick from. I uploaded my first album and shortly thereafter, I received a message from Marcel. Marcel told me that I had the best album on the site. It must have something to do with the models that I photographed posing with my car. I also received other comments from other members. Those made me feel welcome.


Not long after I joined the “club” I was advised that my PT Cruiser was selected for “Ride of the Month” for October 2011. This was an honor for me because, for one, my PT Cruiser was considered worthy to compete against some great-looking hot rods and classics cars. I have attended several shows where I have watched the judges approach my car, look at it briefly and go to the next one. I do not expect to win at all the shows that I attended; I just want to be considered. Cool Rides Online did that for my by simply considering my “ride”. As part of the Ride of the Month, I also received a large bundle of 303® Products.


As time went on, I made some friends through Cool Rides Online. I would comment about their cars and about life in general and we would go back and forth. After being involved in the contests and on the forum, I was asked about becoming a Cool Rides Online Champion. At first, I was not sure what that meant or what it entailed. I became a Champ and got to learn more about the program when Marcel and Bruce invited all of the Champions to Chicago, where we got to meet everyone, learn about the products, and get a tour of the plant.


Through everything, the staff at Gold Eagle has made me feel like I am truly part of their team. I have been fortunate to have won a few of the website contests and even receive a trip to SEMA in 2014! It was there that my relationship with Bruce grew. He learned that I attended the Ocean City, Maryland car shows and that was a venue that he was interested in. Before I knew it, I was representing Gold Eagle/Cool Rides Online with my own booth at those venues! It also expanded to Chrysler Carlisle.

Currently, I get to attend a lot of car shows and being a representative for Cool Rides offers me more opportunities to let others know about this great Community. I walk around and hand out 303®Aerospace Protectant samples and CRO business cards to those attending. I am also able to tell people what a great site it is and how great Gold Eagle products are.  Being a CRO Champ has also provided me opportunities to support local car shows and even sponsor the shows. I have done a few so far thanks to the supplies I receive from Gold Eagle. I have also been asked by Melissa to search out True Value Hardware Stores, meet their manager, and try to get a photo of them with a Gold Eagle product which strengthens Gold Eagle’s relationship with the brick and mortar stores that sell their products. In one day I drove through three states trying to do just that.

Through CRO, I was also able to meet some celebrities who were guests at the shows. Once, after handing out some 303 Products, one celebrity expressed her interest in endorsing 303 which I am currently in the process of making happen!

Usually I am on CRO sites at least once a day to vote for the “Ride of the Month” and to see what is happening on the Forums. I try to take part in the discussions if I can and try to welcome the new people to the site. Each month I try my best to attend our Webinar, where all the Champs get together with Gold Eagle staff to discuss what is “hot” right now.


I am glad that I am a Cool Rides Online Champion and a part of the Cool Rides Online community. I have been given a lot of opportunities to travel and meet new people while doing what I am passionate about. I recently was asked to interview Richard Woods, the builder of the “Last Lobeck” Ford at the SEMA event. This was a challenge for me; I had never interviewed anyone before but I did some research and drafted some questions and it worked out great! Read the finished article here! I look forward to more challenges with Cool Rides Online. My thanks go out to Marcel, Alex, and Bruce for all the help and support they have given to me thus far. This was Marcel’s “brainchild” and it is maturing every year. I am honored to be a part of this site and the CRO team. Thanks for including me.

Join Cool Rides Online here and enjoy the fun!

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