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How I Keep My Older Car Looking New

By Cliff Jacobson

Let me share this cool story with you.  I have a 1996 BMW Z3 roadster.  It just turned 100,000 miles.  I’ve been using 303® on this car since it was new and the upholstery, leather seats, and plastic rear window look new. Actually, they look better than new.  The door and trunk seals are perfect.  Earlier this year, I had the car in to my local BMW dealership for some fluid changes.  The tech guy walked back and forth to the car twice before returning to the computer kiosk.  I asked if there was a problem.  He replied: “Well, the VIN on this car says it’s a 96 but I’ve never seen a 96 this gorgeous.  I told him I used 303® Protectant.  This product is the best there is for keeping convertibles looking like new.


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