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Top 3 Tips to Save Money on Gas

Gas Prices arm LegAs fuel prices remain expensive, it is important to uncover ways to save money on gas. Is it better to go with lower grade fuel? It is necessary to commute to work and run errands, but these chores may take a chunk out of a paycheck. Here are top tips to help relieve the strain at the pumps.


Get Rid of the Junk

Even when performing everyday tasks in the car, a person tends to keep a great deal of unnecessary items in the trunk. However, this extra junk adds up. For every 100 pounds carried in a car, one mile per gallon of gas is wasted. A car is not a closet, so it is essential to keep it free of clutter.


Air Conditioning Is Not the Enemy

A common myth in the auto industry is that using the air conditioning on a warm day wastes gas. However, newer vehicles are designed with modern technology that no longer draws on the engine when the A/C is cranked. In many cases, rolling down the windows increases a car’s drag, which lowers its fuel efficiency. This means it is financially smarter to use the air conditioning when the heat strikes.


Maintain Tire Pressure

Checking a car’s tire pressure is an easy way to save money on gas. Properly inflated tires heighten safety and save up to $1 per fuel fill-up. According to the Department of Energy, correctly inflated tires can improve gas mileage by 3.3 percent. Adequately inflated tires wear evenly, enhance performance and last longer. There are inexpensive gauges on the market that make it simple to maintain ideal tire pressure.


Besides trading an existing vehicle for a hybrid or all-electric car, there are simpler ways to spend less money on gas. The above tips will help increase fuel efficiency so that it is possible to make less frequent trips to the pumps. Over time, the small savings will add up.

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