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2014 Ride of the Year – 1955 Chevy Bel-Air


Cool Rides Online Champion, Rick Boutwell, is no stranger to getting attention for his Cool Ride—a 1955 Chevy Bel-Air Hardtop.  Rick is used to people commenting “a lot about the paint and interior color combinations and the fact that the body and style has not been modified or altered,” he said. Many folks also share their stories with him about the experiences they have had when they themselves owned a Bel-Air. Check out our first profile of Rick to learn all about how he came to finally own his dream car and how he restored it to the show-car level it is today.

You can also find Rick and his Bel-Air in this piece for the December 2014 issue of Chevy Classic’s Magazine.

In 2014, after four online polls and seven individual sponsor selections, the 1955 Bel-Air won Cool Rides Online’s most prestigious award—Ride of the Year! Rick was presented with his award on the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour at the Gulf Port Mississippi stop:

While at the Hot Rod Power Tour, Rick was also able to run his Bel-Air on the Dyno, sponsored by new STA-BIL® 360° Performance. “It was a blast, just to see how they hook it all up on a mobile DYNO machine and then to see how it actually ran after all of the time and effort that was put into it to make it what it is today,” Rick said. “It was a great thing to be able to do just to see how much power the motor actually did have (300 HP at the rear wheels) which was not too bad for a 3200 lb. heavy shoe box car.”

Are you interested in CRO and the Champ Program? Here’s Rick’s advice to those who are looking to become involved:

“JOIN, you won’t regret it. CRO is by far one of if not the BEST car forum websites out there for you to become a member of. I have been on a lot of sites and CRO  exceeds all  of them with their ability to interact with all of the members by way of forum talk sections, contests with the best prizes of awesome car related items and products from GOLD EAGLE, and the ability to help individuals with obtaining information for their rides. The website forum has a vast array of people on board with a huge amount of knowledge about cars, products, services and tips as to how to accomplish a task or goal or can give you information as to how to contact these people or companies to assist you. You not only get all of this from joining the site but you also gain friendship and become a member of a family type atmosphere of just everyday car enthusiasts whom just like to have fun and talk cars and tell stories with just everyday people that they can call friends.

Then there is the CRO Champion Program, a group of select individuals that has been chosen to represent CRO and Gold Eagle by ways of communication at shows and events and given the chance to distribute product samples to people to not only show off great products Gold Eagle makes but to talk the website forum up to get them to join a family of car junkies and bring their knowledge on board to help out others and to just have fun and make new friends to talk cars. Being a CRO Champion is by far the most rewarding thing you can do. You are given the chance to meet a group of people that loves, sleeps, eats, and breathes cars and has fun doing so.”

Right now, Rick is still riding the high of winning “Ride of the Year”. “It is something that I could have only dreamed of accomplishing but I am so excited and proud to be the owner of a car worthy enough to win,” he said.

Congratulations Rick!





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