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Featured Member of the Week: boatops

DSCF0100Hi, My name is Bill Webb, I’m a retired mailman who has been a DIY’er all my life. I’ve always repaired my own cars, built my own home, learning masonry, framing, electrical, plumbing, siding and finish work. I taught myself upholstery etc. I went to a vocational H.S and graduated in 1969, US Navy 1969-73, married in 1970,  raised a family of 2 girls and 2 boys, retired from USPS in 2006

I learned about Cool Rides Online through an email.

My wife & I currently own a 1957 Oldsmobile 88 4dr hardtop, a 1962 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Convertible and a project car 1967 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.

Our favorite is the 1957 Olds, though not  the exact car that was my first car, it’s close enough for memories. In Nov. 1967 my neighbor sold me a 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 4drsn for $15, it needed a 25cent freeze out plug and a $2.00 universal joint, I did the repairs myself, removed 3 sets of seat covers and the original upholstery was perfect. I had taken drivers ed so I could get my license at 17, so in Jan 1968 I was in the drivers seat. My girlfriend loved that car, I taught her how to drive in that car and when I joined the Navy in 1969 she wanted me to give her the Olds. She was driving a 1963 Chevy II at the time and the Olds needed new dual exhaust, starter and a lot of other things. So the Olds went to the scrap yard and I went in the Navy. My girlfriend and I married and she never let me forget that she wanted that ’57 Olds. After I retired in 2006 we both started thinking about getting a Classic Car. I already had the ’67 Caddy and it was nice but not what we wanted. It had belonged to my Uncle who lives with us now and is 90 years old. For Christmas 2008 we found the 1957 Olds 88 4 dr hardtop we now own on Ebay, we bought it sight unseen, just online photos. We won the bid for a little less then I was willing to pay and have been improving it every year. We go to cruise nights and car show 4 days a week in season and we’re reliving old and making new memories with each cruise.

We bought the ’62 a few years ago and I’ve been rebuilding the engine from the ’57 the last 2 years, It’s back in the car now but I have a lot more I want to do. I expect to finish this winter, put AC in before summer and hopefully take to the Oldsmobile Nationals in TN this July. We also want to do a Route 66 tour in Oct if all goes well.

I’ve taken a few Adult Ed, courses on auto body & paint. I wasn’t happy with a local shops paint job and fixing it myself has been difficult, rebuilding the engine has taken more time and money then I planed, I want to replace side glass and some dash trim. On my ’62 I did the engine compartment and I’m thinking of paining it next year. My Caddy needs a lot of rust repair and I’ll need to go back to Adult Ed. To learn welding or hire someone.

Some Of our favorite memories in the ’57 are just sitting close to my wife on the bench seat like we use to back before we were married. If we make it to TN this July I intend to surprise her in the back seat at the Drive In Movie, We no longer have Drive In Movies where we live.

I don’t really have a “Dream Car” but would love to have a 1964 Chrysler Imperial Convertible, A 1963 Cadillac Park Avenue, 1971 Chevy Vega Hatchback and a 1973 Jeep DJ5 because that was the first Postal Vehicle I drove

Keep your Classic Garaged, keep it polished and maintained, but most of all ENJOY it! Don’t make it a trailer queen

Just that this is a great hobby, My kids and Grandkids enjoy my cars, the Parades etc and my son in law even took interest  owning a 1970 Maverick and a 1976 MG Midget

Lastly I’ll say I have many photos but it seems harder to upload them now, the ones in my album are older

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