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Featured Member of the Week: cj_pray95

1993 Chevy C1500

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I first got my truck when I was 14, and I hated it. I would get made fun of for the color, and because it was 2wd and a v6. I wanted to sell it, I wanted to trade it, and there was a point where I wanted to just give it away. Then I started looking at truck magazines, and watching Powerblock TV. I realized if I didn’t like it, I could change it. Once i got my first job, I started. With that job, I really couldn’t do much, so I stuck with the little things. With my latest job, I was able to pay for lights all around, lift kit, exhaust, and other big things like that. I paid for everything on that truck, except for my wheels. My dad wanted them, and I told him if he wanted chrome wheels he would have to buy them. In addition, I have done nearly all of the work myself in my driveway. Now that I have done all of the work, I get asked all the time if I dropped in a V8 and people still don’t believe it is 2wd. Now, I am not ashamed to drive this truck. I love it.

How did you first get interested in this hobby/passion?

After I got made fun of for my truck, I realized I could change it. It went from being a hobby, to being a passion. I do not think I will ever drive a stock vehicle ever again.

1993 Chevy C1500

What Rides do you currently own?

All I currently own is my 93 Chevy C1500, but I have been looking for an older K10.

1993 Chevy C1500

What do you like most about your Cool Rides?

What I like most about my Cool Ride is the way everyone stares at my truck when I drive by.

1993 Chevy C1500

What is the best memory you have with your favorite ride?

I think my best memory with my truck would have to be pulling my friend’s s10 through about 50 feet of soupy mud with no trouble.

1993 Chevy C1500

How do you store your ride(s) during infrequent use, and what maintenance tips can you provide for readers?

Well, my 93 is my daily driver, so I do not store it. Although, this fall when I go to college, it will be washed, waxed and covered and it will be sitting in my driveway.

1993 Chevy C1500

What was the first car you ever owned?

My 93 is my first vehicle.

1993 Chevy C1500

What is/was the BEST car ever made?

In my opinion, the 88-98 Chevy and GMC trucks are the best. Parts are cheap and available, and the possibilities are endless.

1993 Chevy C1500

What is/was the WORST car ever made?

Personally, I don’t think there is a worst vehicle ever made. All have their ups and downs, and no matter what you have, there is going to be someone who says it is the worst. But if I did have to pick, I would say either the 2005-06 Ram 1500 or any F250 or F350 with the 6.0.

1993 Chevy C1500

How did you first hear about the Cool Rides Online website?

I saw a Facebook Ad.

1993 Chevy C1500

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