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Featured Member of the Week – dhigginson


February 16, 2015

Dave Higginson is a 56 year-old Architect who has been married for 36 years and has two grown sons. He got his B.S. in Business and Management from University of Redlands and his MSTh Theology from Liberty University. He heard about Cool Rides Online through Facebook and his Cool Ride is his 1965 Chevelle Malibu SS Convertible.

Dave’s Chevelle is his dream car but his second choice would be a 1958 Corvette. His favorite memory with his Chevelle has been cruising around town with his adopted granddaughter. Dave was able to work on the restoration of his Cool Ride from day one and is proud that he didn’t simply purchase someone else’s project – it is all his own work. He loves driving the convertible around with the top down…most of the time. Dave just took his car to the Dr. George Car Show in Indian Wells this past weekend.

The most difficult modification that Dave has made on his Cool Ride has been Wilwood disc brakes. He had challenges with the vacuum pressure. He removed the power assist system and they work great now! His advice for anyone taking care of a collector vehicle is to keep it covered at all times and to invest in a good cover. He advises not being cheap in that department!

Dave is currently starting up a Chevelle Club in Redlands. He welcomes any advice from someone who has already started a club!

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