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Featured Member of the Week – HankB66

HB7edit My name is Hank Brahm and my grandpa bought this car, new, in 1966 when my grandma wanted him to get a four-door Fairlane as a family car. But, when he got to the dealership, my grandpa instantly fell in love with the Mustang and ended up sleeping in it that night. My dad started driving it when he was 12 (because back then you could do that and barely get into trouble) and he even took this car to his driver’s test. Of course my dad passed his driver’s test with flying colors because he knew the car as if it was his own brother. After he got his license, my dad spent a week looking for his own car but nothing turned up. After awhile, it dawned on him that he loved the Mustang too much to let it go. So, he hounded my grandpa for a few days until my grandpa sold it to him for $200. More time passed and my dad turned the Mustang into a street machine with chrome wheels, fender flares, etc. Even after doing all of that work, he still ended up deciding that he wanted a Corvette. So, my dad sold the car back to my grandpa who undid all of the “idiotic kid” stuff that my dad had done to the car. He also had it painted white. A few more years passed and my dad went through 100+ cars, not even thinking of the Mustang. Then, eight years ago my grandpa was driving the car and got t-boned by a drunk driver in a truck and was killed on impact. My dad was heartbroken and didn’t want the wrecked Mustang to get recycled and turned into a Toyota so he and I spent six years building it into what it is today. This car has stolen the hearts of its owners (and the life of one) and it will always stay in our family.

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