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Featured Member of the Week: Knight1

1990 Pontiac Firebird

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, my name is Donovan and I have been married to Robin for 20 years. Together we have 3 children; a 12 year old son Zachary, a 10 year old daughter Jade and a 2 year old daughter Sage. I have a BA in Digital Media Production. I love directing and writing screenplays as an Independent Filmmaker.

How did you first get interested in this hobby/passion?

I have always been interested in fast cars, but never had the time to get into this as a hobby. I started watching a well known car designer Chip Foose in the “Overhaulin” television show a few years ago. My passion really grew when I first bought my 1990 Firebird Formula. The feel, the touch, the sound became a reality of knowing that I can do this to my BIRD.

What Rides do you currently own?

I have a 1969 VW Beetle a 1990 Chevy 4×4 Blazer, a 1990 Firebird Formula and a 1998 Trans Am (recently got stolen…not a happy camper!).

What do you like most about your Cool Rides?

I like my 1990 Firebird Formula the most because no matter where I go, it turns a lot of heads. I love all my rides, but they just don’t get as much love as my BIRD.

What is the best memory you have with your favorite ride?

When I first brought my 1990 Firebird Formula home, a guy down the street that had a 1990 Black Corvette had drove up and asked if I wanted to TRADE RIDES. He was really serious! I was in total shock, but unfortunately had to turn him down because it didn’t have rear seats for my children. I know many people would think I must be CRAZY for not trading. Well, I don’t regret it, but to this day I still think about that Corvette.

How do you store your ride(s) during infrequent use, and what maintenance tips can you provide for readers?

I store my 1990 Firebird Formula which I’ve named “Kitty” in my garage. It is my daily driver and runs excellent. She gets her regular oil-change every 3,000 miles and a bath every Friday. I have a family friend who owns an auto shop named “Rose Automotive” who gives her a regular check up. I call him my Car Doctor, because he use to own a 1992 Firebird Formula and knows my “Kitty” inside and out.

What was the first car you ever owned?

A 1971 Toyota Celica GT V6 5-Speed.

What is/was the BEST car ever made?

355 Ferrari Spyder, because it’s my favorite car.

What is/was the WORST car ever made?

The Ford Taurus, because I owned one and it was nothing but trouble. It was in the shop every other day. I think I paid more on the maintenance than the car itself. The engine was cursed.

How did you first hear about the Cool Rides Online website?

I was searching Facebook and “TADA”.

Is there anything else you’d like the Cool Rides Online members to know about you?

My second favorite car is the 1992 Ferrari Testarossa.

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  1. Nice Formula! I’d love to have one in that color- and that clean!

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