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Featured Member of the Week – mgoldman

For the week of June 22, 2015


Mark Goldman is a VietNam War Zone Veteran who has been married for 45 years. He has two sons and one grandson. He has previously worked for IBM and Lockheed Martin but is currently retired. Mark first learned about Cool Rides Online while searching the internet. His Cool Ride is a 1986 Pontiac Trans Am.

Mark found his Trans Am in a used car lot in 1995. It was dark blue metallic with Silver Ground Effects and had been used as a pace car at a local track. It was love at first sight. Mark has taken out the 305 engine and had the car custom painted ice blue with pearly dust with ghost flames near the driver and passenger’s doors. Everything is unique and has been hand-picked. He then had a 350/420 Corvette engine installed. Since that day Mark has dressed the engine in chrome with a flame theme. He put the finishing touch on the Trans Am two years ago with a chromed brake master cylinder and booster.

While Mark cites the most difficult modification being the engine-out paint job and tucking all of the car’s wiring inside the car’s frame, the job has paid off. The Trans Am has won first place in the Saratoga Firebirds on the Lawn. Mark says he’s a simple person and doesn’t have a dream car—he’s happy with what he has. As for taking care of his Trans Am, Mark advises keeping your collector car clean, waxed, covered, and in a climate-controlled garage. He also recommends only taking it out in the spring after the April showers have washed the salt away and only using water on the car when totally necessary.

Mark belongs to a car club called American Cruisers and also to the National Firebird and Trans Am Club.

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