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Featured Member of the Week – retiredcarguy

RV4For the week of May 25, 2015

I am 75 years old and have been into cars as long as I can remember. After I retired I restored six vehicles in six years—with lots of outside help. Before I retired I drove semi over the road and retired in 1999 with three million miles behind me. Up until now I still have been driving part-time but I don’t know how much longer I will be able to do what I have always loved. My wife and I still go to as many car shows as possible and having a mate that likes old cars sure makes life a lot easier. I got a note from a friend of mine who had his car in your weekly contest so that’s how I heard of Cool Rides Online.

My 47 Buick Roadmaster is a one-of-a-kind built back in 1991 and I have brought it back as close as possible to what it once was. It was a 3000 hour and two year project by Larry Kramer who has built several radical and great looking customs through the years. I even have pictures of the build from scratch. It was an unbelievable project. It has a 468 Chevy and 400 automatic with a Ford nine inch rear— a driveline that’s tough to beat.

This year I think we will go to more shows within a 200 mile radius and skip the longer ones. I have painted and done a bit of fender and body work but this House of Color paint on the Buick plus all the fancy pin striping was way over my head so it was all done professionally.

As far as a memory, I would say almost any place we go will attract attention and it is all great fun. For a dream car I think a Bentley Speed would be my choice, that’s a dream car that almost nobody can afford. Taking care of a special car has never been easy or cheap. Use good products to maintain it and find someone who is honest and reliable to fix the things that are too difficult to handle on your own. Not much else to say other than I’ll be driving an old car of some type until I take a dirt nap. In the meantime I try and encourage young people and anyone else who has an interest in the old car hobby.

You meet the best people at car shows, not rock concerts.

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