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Featured Member of the Week: Rogerd69

RogerD's 69 COPO HPC Chevelle 12

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m married (42+ years and counting), two daughters and 4 grand children.
I’ve been a north Texas resident for the past 30 years – still working every day and enjoying it.

RogerD's 69 COPO HPC Chevelle 12

How did you first get interested in this hobby/passion?

My first “car” was a 1939 Chevy pickup given to me by a family friend.
That old Chevy coupled with a keen interest in all things mechanical led me to a “hands on” approach to keeping my cars going with every car I’ve owned since then.  I always had a soft spot for the mid 60’s Chevelles, having bought a 1966 Chevelle SS 396 as my first new car, followed up thee years later with this 1969 COPO HPC Chevelle  . . .
The ’66 never let me down even after the odometer rolled over 100K – the ’69 was never beaten on the street or in any of the late night drags out in the flats . . .


 1969 COPO HPC Chevelle

What Rides do you currently own?

My cool ride is this 1969 COPO HPC Chevelle that I purchased new on August 19, 1969 . . .
I traded it off on Oct 19, 1970, tracked it down and bought it back on Aug 13, 2009 . . .
We began a nut and bolt frame off restoration the next day – finished it up on June 6, 2011 just in time for our first major car show.  My wife and I were very pleasantly surprised when our old Chevelle garnered the “Peoples Choice” (AKA Best of Show) award for that ACES National Chevelle event.


1969 COPO HPC Chevelle

What do you like most about your Cool Rides?

It takes my wife and I back to the summer of 1970 that forever changed our lives whenever we take it for a spin.


1969 COPO HPC Chevelle

What is the best memory you have with your favorite ride?

My wife and I first dated in this car on May 30, 1970 – two weeks later, we were engaged – 42+ years later, we think it’s going to work out 🙂


1969 COPO HPC Chevelle

How do you store your ride(s) during infrequent use, and what maintenance tips can you provide for readers?

I keep it in the garage stored next to my wife’s Ford Fusion.  We take it out to warm it up and keep the parts oiled on a regular basis.


1969 COPO HPC Chevelle

What was the first car you ever owned?

A 1939 Chevy pickup – no title but I wore the tires off it on the rural Missouri gravel roads outside of KCMO.


 1969 COPO HPC Chevelle

What is/was the BEST car ever made?

The mid 60’s muscle cars get my vote – ’66 & ’69 Chevelles in particular . . .


 1969 COPO HPC Chevelle

What is/was the WORST car ever made?

Our neighbors had a mid 60’s Renault – always something wrong with it – always had the hood up making repairs.


 1969 COPO HPC Chevelle

How did you first hear about the Cool Rides Online website?

Popped up during a browsing session – GREAT website with lots of information.


 1969 COPO HPC Chevelle

Is there anything else you’d like the Cool Rides Online members to know about you?

As for me and my house, John 3:16
Roger & Karen Day <><

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  1. awsome 69 I have had 2 69s 1- 350 car was my first car I bought from a dealership got it used with 78k miles for $800.00 lol got to love the 70s… I have a 69ss396 375hp M-22 , still have the SS next in line for restore!

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