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Jon “Rooster” Lewman

Jon Rooster LewmanI was born to an auto mechanic who spent a good portion of his life running around this great country racing midgets of one type or another. Of course the minute we were old enough Dad stuffed our butts into a quarter midget and we learned that a “circle” was more oval shaped than we thought and that a “Line” was rarely straight? The “blocks” we played with as toddlers were made by Briggs rather than Mattel, when other kids had plastic hammers and wrenches we had Snap-On! To say I was born into racing would be like saying a preacher was born to chat!  Racing was bred into me before there even was a “me”.  It is what I was put on Earth to do!

I have raced every thing from H/O scaled slot cars to Pine wood derby to R/C and West Coast Mods.  Even had a two race gig in a Japanese Rally ride when I was stationed on Okinawa in the USMC! Never did any of it long enough to make a name or be very good, but I never did poorly either.

Almost as long as I have been racing I have been playing with lawn mowers. In High 2010 All AMerican Benefit Hood_smallSchool I made a little side cash fixing them and, being an avid hot rod nut, it didn’t take much to figure out how to get one going faster. When I was 15 I got pulled over by the police for doing a little over 20 MPH down the street my Grandmother lived on a ragged death trap of a mower, in the snow!

I figured my competitive days were over. Once you hit about 30 and you haven’t been in a car in awhile you fit neither into the “young hot shot” nor the “well known seasoned driver” categories. If you don’t have the cash to petal your own wheels, nobody is going to stick “now who are you?” into their car! I had settled into the Hobby of building and flying model airplanes when my best friend and I were headed home from an R/C fly-in with my son and passed a sign sent by the gods: “Lawn mower Races, 3:00”. A month later and “The Rooster Cruiser” was born. Larry, my team mate and I cobbled together some free stuff people had given us and we hit the dirt. I don’t think there has been a “no mower weekend” since!

2010 All AMerican 4After a couple of years plugging at it locally we decided we had to have a couple of those fast ones with the shiny wheels and loud engines. Larry built himself a B/P, I scrounged enough parts for a C/P and in 2010 we hit the USLMRA National circuit. We gained a lot of experience, met the best group of racing folks you could ever know and swapped dirt with the best in the country.

2011 is looking to be an awesome “sophomore” year for The Cutloose Racing Team as we have already begun racking up wins and points. Our mowers keep getting stronger, our driving is getting better, and the list of people I call “friend” gets longer every single trip!

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