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Ride of the Month Contest: April 2015

Each month the Cool Rides Online team and sponsors select FIVE cool rides to feature. The featured cars, trucks and bikes will each receive an award and care package filled with products valued at over $150. The featured rides compete against each other via online poll for the honor of being chosen as the Cool Rides Online, Ride of the Month! The ride of the month winner will receive a personalized award, additional apparel/product prizes and a chance to compete for the 2014 Ride of the Year!

Links: Cool Rides Online | Contest Entry Form. Now to meet this month’s featured rides!


Thomas Knapp’s 1965 Ford Mustang

Representing the STA-BIL® Brand Fuel Treatments

Stabil-ThomasKnappMy son Dustin bought this car 8/10/10. On 8/16/10 he was struck and killed by a passing car as he was walking home. He was home on leave after doing 2 tours in Afghanistan. (ARMY).. This car was a real rust bucket. I took it to my High School buddy ( Jerry Zipperer) and asked him to fix it. On 8/9/14 this is what my buddy had did for me in Memory of my son. We named it Dusty’s Dream. Jerry even had it air brushed on the back of the car. Jerry had talked to the guys at a local Car Show And had it featured it. Dusty’s Dream took 3rd place at Harpt’s Lake 13th annual Car Show. Stock Ford Muscle Car 1964-1972 class. Jerry even had me a t-shirt made with the car on it.

Kevin Penne’s 1964 Chevy Malibu

Representing 104+ Octane Boost

104-KevinPenneShe’s a 1964 Hillborn-injected big block Chevy Malibu. This car was rescued from the weeds, and fixed-up to the awesome state that it is in today.  The engine was in a front engine dragster that was outlawed, because nobody could beat it.  It was a joint effort between two great engineers, John Marchese and Joe Galbutis.  The engine sat for 10 years before I brought it back to life in 2014.  The owner, John, said it never ran this well and he couldn’t believe his ears.

I entered the car in the Midwest Gassers car club and was accepted. My first year out was a big hit, and we even got on the front of the advertisement for Great Lakes Dragaway, as well as the video team that covers the track events, ARS, used it in their promotions twice.

On average, I race twice a month, but sometimes four times a month, weather-permitting.  When we’re not racing, we like to hit one of many of the car shows around, as they’re always a good time.  The tracks are usually full of folks glad to see our show.  The car shows are an ocean of people, too.  I know it’s a cool car, because people are always taking pictures of themselves while around it.  You just don’t see too many like this around I guess, and it’s a good time wherever we go.

I love meeting and greeting all the gearheads out there, too. Oh yeah, it also does awesome burnouts!!

Ryan Rexin’s 1958 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

Representing Iso-HEET® Brand Fuel Treatments

Heet-RyanRexinI bought my 58 Olds off my Grandfather, so it’ll always be Grandpas car. It is a California car. Built at the South Gate Plant and sold at Los Gatos. The car was one of the estate cars for John Wayne. When he passed, it was sold off at the estate auction and made it’s way to Kamloops B.C. Where my Grandmother fell in love with it. (she never did drive). Grandpa bought it and they took it on a trip to Manitoba. the car has issues. it leaked fluid from every where it could. Gramps parked the car. I grew up always looking at it in their garage every time we went over. And I bugged them to sell it to me for years. Finally the day came, I just bought my 1st house, and a snowmobile trailer. I was flat broke. Grandpa called me up and said he was selling the car. So I upped my line of credit and bought the car off him.

It is still an orignal car. This past year we lost the windshield. hit a section of loose chips on the highway. My wife was driving, an impatient driver pulled out and passed in a no passing zone, and a rock went through the windshield. showered my wife with glass shards. that windshield still had the California highway patrol vehicle registration sticker on it from 1974. The glass shop the installed my new windshield cut out that sticker for me.

My wife and I go on many cruises and trips with it. We’ve been all over central and Southern Alberta and into B.C a few times. We got the car with 34000 miles on it, now we are at 60000 miles.

The Old girl has been in an A&W commercial back in 09. a reality TV show (Quon Dynasty) in 2011. featured in My Star Collector Car online magazine, as well as Thru the Windshield Magazine. It’s been in the Calgary Herald and Vancouver Herald on the same article “The Ukrainian Triangle Classic Car Cruise”, one of the themed cruises my wife and I put on. It’s made Global New in Edmonton for the Meals on Wheels classic car delivery show.  So she’s been around.

Although I try to keep her a good weather only car, I have now driven her through the snow 4 times.  Once without a heater. On our honey moon.  The old vacuum lines under the dash were hard and cracked and leaked. my heater controls are all vacuum. We were coming out of Radium Hot springs, it was snowing, heavy wet stuff. No heat so to keep from fogging we had the vent windows open, we were wrapped in blankets. I had to buy gloves at the gas station to keep my hands warm, and due to the vacuum leaks, When I accelerated my wipers would stop. This made climbing the hills fun, I would accelerate until I couldn’t see, then slow down and let the wipers slowly clean the windows, then accelerate until I could see again, and slow down once more. I did finally get that issue fixed. Anyways, I’ll end there, but there are a ton of stories behind this old girl, she’d be a novel to put them all down into.

Coby Worthington’s 1948 Chrysler New Yorker

Representing Start Your Engines!® Fuel System Revitalizer

SYE-CobyWorthingtonThis 1948 Chrysler New Yorker coupe was my uncles. My dad was 16 or 18 when he went with him to purchase this beautiful car


Rick Schillinger 1966 Chevy Corvette

Representing 303® Products:

303-RickSchillingerI’ve owned this “Vintage Custom” 1966 Corvette Coupe for 8 yrs. now. It was a frame off restoration when it was customized

35 yrs. ago, including wheel flares and a Mako Shark rear end. The hood vents and emblems were gold plated, lots of chrome plating as well. It is an original Tuxedo Black 427 4-spd. car. It’s got 460hp with 500 torque, 3:73 gear ratio. I do drive it in the summer and it’s very loud and fast!



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