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Ride of the Month Contest: June 2015

Each month the Cool Rides Online team and sponsors select FIVE cool rides to feature. The featured cars, trucks and bikes will each receive an award and care package filled with products valued at over $150. The featured rides compete against each other via online poll for the honor of being chosen as the Cool Rides Online, Ride of the Month! The ride of the month winner will receive a personalized award, additional apparel/product prizes and a chance to compete for the 2014 Ride of the Year!Links: Cool Rides Online | Contest Entry Form. Now to meet this month’s featured rides!


JR Dugas 1958 Chevy Apache 3200

Representing the STA-BIL® Brand Fuel Treatments

Stabil-JRDugas-1958ChevyApacheMy wife’s dream truck. Took me 3 years to find. It was a mechanical basket case which was perfect as that is what I do for a living. The dream truck was a second Gen. Chevy/GMC, Big back window, dual headlight, stepside, Hot orange paint. I did so well finding and building it, and proposing to her in it. She not only drove it TO the wedding, She DROVE it UP the isle to our service!


Raul Contreras 1966 VW Baja Bug

Representing 104+ Octane Boost

104-RaulContreras-1966VWBajaBugJust a week ago I was invited to be in George Barris’ Car Show…where is place in the top 30 of 400+ cars. It is currently on the cover of VW Magazine of Australia. I designed my Baja for a film I am developing called “The Zombie Patrol”. Love to see it featured in Cool Rides Online.

Paul Dobbin’s 1935 Buick Series 41

Representing Iso-HEET® Brand Fuel Treatments

Heet-PaulDobbin-1935BuickSeries41This project started with a snowmobile trip in January 1995.  A Florida friend had told me that he owned a 35 Buick in a barn in Wisconsin.   When our butts were to weary to snowmobile anymore, we drove 200 miles out of the way to see this car.  After seeing it by flashlight in the snowbound barn, full of mice and junk, I answered my wife’s buying question with a firm reply, “Absolutely not, way to much work”.   But I did take half a dozen flash photographs.  It was a fun trip but I was almost 50 and didn’t want another big project. (Do you know how many trees there are in an early Buick?)   I had a 34 Ford Tudor and a 35 Ford Pickup at home,  I was happy. When we got back to Florida, I had the pictures developed. LOOKED GREAT! (They always look great in pictures).  So we bought it and began dreaming of the finished Buick.


Jim Sartor’s 1950 Ford Crestliner 

Representing Start Your Engines!® Fuel System Revitalizer

SYE-JimSartor-1950FordCrestlinerThis is fully restored and hot rodded. The Body and interior were redone as original but with several modifications: 3/4 race flathead engine, NOS interior, lowered front and rear, hidden stereo under drivers seat.  It also includes a reproduction Crestliner steering wheel and 50 Merc hubcaps and trim rings. Period correct down to the headers and Smitty glass packs for 50s sound. Still working with 3 on the tree and overdrive.


Robert Vergin’s 1947 Buick Roadmaster

Representing 303® Products:

303-RobertVergin-1947BuickRoadmasterThis full custom was built by Larry Kramer, “the king of the Mercs” a while ago and it took close to 3000 hours and two years to complete. When I bought it a couple years ago after seeing an ad on-line. I took a good friend who also is a great body man along to see it.

The car had fallen in disrepair and the body needed lots of work but my friend said he could fix it so I bought it. It turned out that the former owner must have had a death wish for the Buick and if there was something working right, he would destroy it with his own ideas. It has taken a labor of love but the car is now looking great and runs well and we have already won our share of awards with it. It is unique and a one of a kind and a fun car to take anyplace we choose. I have to thank Steve and Willy who did the body and paint work which turned out beautiful. The car attracts people wherever we go.


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