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1940 Windsor is a Piece of American History

By Dana Bicks

I am a writer of a children’s’ series and inspirational books. I am 66, love life, and old cars. I grew up in MD and presently live in AK. I first learned about “Cool Rides” as I was scrolling through Facebook searching for any helpful info on this car…
I currently own this classic prototype concept by Chrysler – unrestored 1940 Windsor. My wife drives a slightly-altered ‘14 Mustang: 400 HP, out of a V6. This Chrysler barn find was covered and left for dead for the last 25 years. I have discovered it is a prototype concept car #100-110. I believe, from what I’ve read, it was created for the Futurama at the World Fair in 1940. It is the first with a hemispheric configuration system, Synchromesh trans, overdrive, and a list of options that would bore you. All now are a national standard.
There’s nothing like closing the door, putting in gear and smell the musty years of Americana history in this car. It drives like a dream.

Next, I’m looking at a ‘41 Plymouth just begging for a little muscle. I’d also like to find an early sixties T bird, a nice driver, perhaps. My favorite memory with our Windsor might be our first (date) test drive— tooling around the country side—or, sharing it with friends. A country band named “Running on Empty” has used the car for some promotional work as well.
If money wasn’t an issue, my dream car would probably be my brother’s ‘64 GTO he had in ‘67. That car was a beast from the get go. He paid $1,700 for it and I’m still kicking him. Otherwise, my choice would be a 58 retractable—I loved them, too.
I guess my best tip to take care of your cool ride is to not stop driving them. I start mine periodically and drive if the weather permits.

Overall, I guess I’ve been really blessed as some individuals search for years trying to find that one-of-a-kind ride. Also, I haven’t even given this one a bath. It’s a dream come true to share this untold history. What we take for granted was once unheard of until this Windsor came along. I think I could write a book about it!
It’s actually for sale—serious buyers only please. Email here if interested.

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