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1940’s Chevy hearkens back to one car lover’s past

Sometimes, you see a car, and it can't help but bring you back to a simpler time. This was the case for me last week, when I reminisced about the 1969 'Cuda and how it was one of the first cars to truly spark my childhood interest in everything auto.

In a recent article for Old Cars Weekly, Somer Hooker talked about his love for the "little pages," old novelty car magazines such as "Custom Cars," "Car Speed and Style" and "Rodding and Restyling," and how they helped get him through his long grade school classes. In his piece, Hooker talks about how these memories were sparked by an advertisement for the sale of a beautiful 1949 Chevrolet custom that he later purchased from a seller in Tennessee.

While the seller originally tried to discourage Hooker from the purchase – he's more than 6 feet tall, which means 1940s vehicles don't always offer him the most comfortable ride – he ultimately had to have it because of its ties to his past.

And who could blame him? With only 50,000 miles on the engine and a Carson-style top and a custom upholstery, the car is almost certainly going to provide style for years to come. The subtler touches on the car are also noteworthy. For example, the custom Chevy has 1957 Oldsmobile headlamps, the bumper of a 1955 Thunderbird and a one-piece windshield borrowed from an old Buick.

It seems that Hooker wasn't the only car lover and magazine contributor to be struck my the dedication and craftsmanship in this custom vehicle. According to Hooker, the car's owners said their creation had once been featured in Popular Hot Rodding magazine in the 1970's, though he was unable to find a copy of the original publication.

For Hooker's full report and pictures of the eye-catching custom creation, click here.

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  1. i had 5 of those chevys las one is for sale tunbbed out big block 50 buiness cpe all in primer on craigs list omaha nebr

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