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1955 Dodge Coronet – A Classic Luxury Car

1955 Dodge CoronetThe Dodge Coronet has a unique and varied history, being first introduced in 1949 as the top trim level among the company’s first postwar designs. After undergoing several revisions, the model gained some level of acclaim after the 1953 Coronet and its optional “Red Ram” Hemi engine set an assortment of land speed records at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats. The following year, a company-wide movement toward luxury vehicles saw the Coronet demoted in Dodge’s model trim hierarchy.


Third Generation

The 1955 model year saw the newly minted third-generation Coronet again demoted in Dodge’s lineup, but it also ushered in a number of popular changes. With the help of famed automobile designer Virgil Exner, Dodge significantly restyled the Coronet. The body was lengthened by 6 inches, widened slightly and dropped lower to the ground. A range of body styles were available, including two- and four-door sedans, a two-door hardtop, a convertible and a four-door wagon. Perhaps the most popular stylistic change was the addition of a wraparound windshield, which combined with the longer, smoother body lines to create a sleek, modern aesthetic.


Third Time’s a Charm

The assorted changes introduced for the third generation Coronet proved very popular with the public, increasing sales significantly and bringing new attention to a brand that had begun to stagnate. Powerful six- and eight-cylinder engine options, both producing more power than previous years, paired with reliable engineering and a smooth ride to create a car that appealed to a wide variety of people. Each body style also provided ample room for both passengers and storage.


Dodge Coronet’s Classic Luxury

With a long, graceful body style, a spacious interior and quality engineering, perhaps it’s no surprise that the 1955 Dodge Coronet has gone on to become something of a classic luxury car. Despite being on the lower end of Dodge’s line at the time of production, the Coronet’s blend of style and power as well as its sheer variety of body styles, trims and engine options made for a production mainstay that has earned a place in automotive history.

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