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1963 Chevy Nova – An American Favorite

From CRO Member Gerry Sevingy - http://coolridesonline.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/WebLargeSYE-GerrySevigny1963ChevyNova.jpg
From CRO Member Gerry Sevingy

In our first installment this week of August 2016’s Ride of the Month we feature the 1963 Chevy Nova presented by nominee Gerry Sevingy. Here is some general information about the vehicle.

Note: This is not information about the actual vehicle nominated for August’s Ride of the Month, just general information on the vehicle itself. Please check the link at the bottom of today’s article to view all the actual vehicles nominated for this month’s Ride of the Month.

During the 1960s, V8-powered muscle cars owned the automotive world. However, the 1963 Chevy Nova proved that power isn’t the only thing that makes a car great. Drivers grew to love the 1963 Nova’s trendy styling and compact design. Let’s take a look at why this classic coupe deserves to be honored.

Satisfying Performance

If car owners weren’t concerned about having the fastest car on the block, the 1963 Chevy Nova proved to be a very rewarding choice. For the first time in more than 30 years, Chevy decided to offer a four-cylinder power source. However, many buyers upgraded to the stronger straight-six engine. Chevy tuned the Hi-Thrift 194 engine to churn out a respectable 120 horsepower. The Nova’s lightweight body helped it to deliver a lively performance in the real world. When tested on the track, the Nova SS recorded a competitive 0-60 time of 15.9 seconds. Meanwhile, the quarter-mile flew by in just over 19 seconds. Both a three-speed manual and a Powerglide automatic transmission were offered.

Attractive Appearance

During its heyday, the 1963 Chevy Nova was one of the best-looking cars in its price range. Among the Nova’s most distinctive styling cues was its signature aluminum grille. The eye-catching SS package was a hot commodity. A unique taillight panel and special wheel covers gave the Nova SS a sportier appearance. Some of the coolest paint colors included Ember Red, Tuxedo Black, and Daytona Blue. On the inside, the 1963 Nova looked more modern than some of its rivals. Upgrades, such as bucket seats and a premium steering wheel, gave the cabin an additional touch of class.

An Economy Car with Style

Despite the Nova’s reputation for being an economy car, it was still able to attract a loyal fan base. The stylish coupe‘s affordability made it an exceptional bargain. When equipped with the six-cylinder engine, it became a car that offered a unique balance of performance and efficiency. Because of its limited production, the convertible Nova SS remains a highly sought-after automobile.

For good reason, the 1963 Chevy Nova became a favorite among many American drivers. Very few cars had a more diverse fan base. Was the 1963 Chevrolet Nova a true muscle car?


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