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1963 Lemans Demands Attention

By Dan Jefkins

I am the father of two boys ages eight and ten. They love classic cars and want to go fast. I first learned about Cool Rides Online when it popped up on one of my friend’s Facebook pages.

I currently own a ’63 Lemans and a ’76 Bronco. My Lemans is different and the only one no matter where I go. So, it attracts a lot of attention. I didn’t copy anyone else’s ideas when building this car. I drive it everywhere—taking the kids to school, the gym, and Home Depot. I take it back to the fifties sometimes in Minneapolis where I’m swarmed by Pontiac lovers. My next project is restoring and remodling the ’76 Bronco with my kids in two years.

So far, my favorite memory with my Lemans are when my kids are with me and keep asking me to shift it again and go faster. I’ve had the car at World of Wheels and let a hundred people put their kids in the car for pictures. In fact, people were trying to pay me and it actually landed me in the newspaper the next day!

The hardest modification I’ve made was triangulating my rear suspension and mounting it. My engine is even owner-built. To take care of my cool ride, I don’t do anything special. These cars originally came with the transaxle in the back so the transmission was in the rear.

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