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1968 Buick Gran Sport was About Luxury and Performance

Gran Sport signifies luxury, opulence and style in an era when General Motors was known for creating basic vehicles. The muscle car was one of many high-performance vehicles manufactured by Buick.


The Buick Gran Sport Line

1968 Buick Gran SportIts predecessors included the Skylark Gran Sport created in 1965 and the Gran Sport 340 in 1967. The 340 referred to the 340-cubic-inch engine size in the 1967 Buick. The 1968 model included a 400-cubic-inch engine, and it was produced during the years of 1968 and 1969. In 1968, the vehicle chassis became smaller, but the weight of the chassis increased due to the materials used in manufacturing. Power output rose up to 280 horsepower from the earlier models. It was eventually replaced with the Gran Sport 455. A few lucky collectors have this vehicle in their possession such as James Hoffman who owns a 1968 Buick Gran Sport 400.


1968 Model Specs

The 1968 Buick Gran Sport featured a more powerful V8 engine than its predecessors, and it came in both a convertible and hardtop model. The standard issue engine was a 400 cubic inch, 6.6-liter engine, 340 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque. The engine was actually a bit more powerful, but it was given a lower rating to make insurance premiums more affordable. The vehicle had a limited release. Only 2,454 convertible models and 10,743 hardtop models were built. The interior was made of vinyl with foam-padded seats. Some vehicles offers buck seats installed as optional components.


Value of the 1968 Buick Gran Sport

The model is a valuable addition to any car collector’s collection. A good condition GS400 can go for roughly $20,000. While the 1968 model isn’t one of the most valuable, it is one of lowest production lines. The entire line was produced from 1968 to 1972, and the most valuable cars are from the 1970s. Even today, it’s still a fun vehicle, considering the manufacturer is often criticized for creating boring and simple vehicles. Finding one of these models today will often require the owner to seek out original parts for restoration. Very few functional GS400 vehicles are on the market, so the vehicle often commands a high asking price when a car collector comes across a fully functional model.


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