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1971 Chevrolet Impala, Bucking the Trend

1971 Chevrolet ImpalaChevrolet always had great success with its Impala line. Introduced in the 1950s, this car was the brand’s full-size offering. As the years went by, the vehicle became more and more popular. The 1958 Impala was featured in the movie “American Graffiti”.

However, 1971 was a defining year for the Impala, and many car enthusiasts believe it was the best model ever produced.


Bigger is Better

In the early 1970s, the automobile world was embracing a smaller car trend. To go against the grain and make a statement, Chevrolet maintained its large Impala. The 1971 model’s wheelbase increased by 2.5 inches, which made it the biggest Impala ever produced. The car was known for its comfort and roominess and remained a top seller.


Exterior Styling

Many exterior features of the 1971 Impala were based on Chevy’s Camaro. The redesigned B-body included a double panel roof for heightened rollover protection and flush exterior door handles. The hardtop sport coupe had a “bubble top,” similar to the design of the 1960s. For cabin venting, all 1971 Impalas featured rear louvers.


Power and Performance of the 1971 Impala

For a full-sized car, the Impala had the power to impress drivers. It was offered with a variety of engine options. The bottom Turbo-Thrift six-cylinder provided 145 horsepower. However, the more popular Turbo V8 and Super Turbo-Fire V8 engines increased pep to 200 and 250 horsepower. For maximum performance, the Mark IV V8 engine boosted output to 365 horsepower.

In the beginning of production, all models came with three-speed column shift manual transmissions and manual steering. At mid-year, all V8 models came standard with Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmissions and variable-ratio power steering. These increased handling and made the large body easier to maneuver on the road.

The 1971 Impala proved Chevrolet was not afraid to be different. Its stylish design and impressive performance pleased drivers and helped maintain its top-selling status.


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