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2017 Lincoln MKZ Gets Major Update

2017 Lincoln MKZOver the years, the Lincoln MKZ has become one of the most innovative luxury sedans on the market. Not only does the 2017 model pack more power under the hood, but it also benefits from a completely new look. High-tech components such as adaptive cruise control make the future MKZ a legitimate contender. Here is an overview of this buzz-worthy ride.


A Big Increase in Power

Scheduled to hit dealerships next spring, the 2017 Lincoln MKZ will be equipped with a new GTDI engine. Lincoln has tuned the twin-turbocharged V-6 engine to churn out a muscular 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. Although the car’s 0-60 times have yet to be revealed, prospective buyers can expect to be very impressed. The additional 100 horsepower should definitely make a big difference. Due to the sedan’s intelligent AWD system, it will also offer year-round driving excitement.


Poised Driving Dynamics

To satisfy the drivers who crave the athleticism of a sports car, Lincoln will offer an exclusive Driver’s Package. The combination of a sports-tuned suspension and a torque vectoring system should enable the sedan to deliver razor-sharp handling. A set of 19-inch performance tires will further enhance the MKZ’s road manners. Fortunately, ride comfort will not be compromised. Upon activating the Sport mode, the MKZ can quickly transform from a relaxing cruiser into a thrilling performance machine.


Fashion Forward Design

By strapping the 2017 Lincoln MKZ with a new front end, the entire sedan now looks more elegant. The current model’s controversial grille will be a thing of the past. LED adaptive headlights will give the upcoming MKZ a dazzling appearance. Even when sitting still, the MKZ’s low stance gives it a sleek profile. On the inside, the sedan is just as impressive. The cabin definitely displays a high level of craftsmanship. Even the steering wheel is covered in Wollsdorf leather.


It seems that Lincoln truly engineered the 2017 MKZ to be a better overall driving machine. The top-of-the-line model certainly has the makings of a world-class sedan.

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