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24k Gold ’72 Corvette

By Joe Barra

I am a 57 year-old retired locomotive engineer. I am married to my beautiful wife of 29 years and we have two great sons who are 21 and 24 years-old. I first learned about Cool Rides Online from Facebook. Currently, my Cool Ride is a 1972 Corvette which I have owned for 35 years.
Watch my ’72 Vette do a burnout!

It was triple black bone stock when I bought it. What makes my Cool Ride special is the blown 502 pushing 73 horsepower, 2 775 demon blower carbs (24k gold plated), 6-71 bds blower, heir magneto, brand new custom double cross flow polished aluminum radiator, 2 spal 12 inch billet aluminum fans for cruising those hot days, custom polished stainless shroud, custom hand-made 24k gold tubular grill, polished stainless engine compartment, fully-polished manual turbo tranny with a 3000 stall blower converter, polished 3-inch aluminum driveshaft, plated rear end, painted floor plates to match the car, and House of Color White Sparkle Pearl paint with gold mini flake, ghost flames in hot pink and purple, and a white and purple interior.

Next up – my Cool Ride is for sale—I’m looking to sell it in the $160,000 range. Any interested parties can reach me at jb75130@gmail.com. Now, I know that is a lot of money but this car is a museum piece with plenty of horsepower that is very street-able. It’s sort of like a jewelry box.

My favorite memory involving my Cool Ride was the first time I gave my wife (she was still my girlfriend back then) her first ride in it when it was still triple black bone stock. The most difficult modification I’ve made so far was putting the tranny back in.

If money wasn’t an issue, my dream car would be a ’41 Willys – blown and injected. For storing and taking care of my Cool Ride, I have one simple tip: when storing, I fill the tank, put STA-BIL® Storage in the tank. I also push on the brakes a few times and crank the engine for five seconds every 5-6 weeks. When it is out of storage, just watch out for bad drivers on the road – it’s full of them.

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