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3 Best NASCAR Races in History

1988 Daytona 500NASCAR Week continues today here at the CRO Blog. Yesterday we took a look at the history of NASCAR. Today, we’re going to feature the 3 best races in NASCAR history.

Over the years, NASCAR has put on some awesome races, and every fan has a favorite. Three of these races stand out and go down in history as the best.


3. 2000 Cracker Barrel 500

The 2000 Cracker Barrel 500 came down to a two-champion battle. That day, Atlanta fans witnessed a standoff between Dale Earnhardt and Bobby Labonte. Labonte was coming off a win at Rockingham two weeks earlier, and his momentum was in full swing. However, he had to pass Earnhardt, a true legend. Heading into the last lap, Labonte moved Earnhardt so that the bottom lane became open. Earnhardt managed to hold off the challenger to win by a nose. This exciting race became Earnhardt’s 75th career win.

Earnhardt won this race with his 2000 Goodwrench Chevrolet Monte Carlo. It was a rear-wheel drive vehicle with a V8, 358-cubic inch engine, which produced 725 horsepower. The paint job included the “Monte Carlo” name, and the hood carried crisp accent lines from the headlamps to the front windshield.


2. 1988 Daytona 500

The 1988 Daytona 500 turned out to be quite a family event. This year, the win went to Bobby Allison. Davey Allison, Bobby’s son, came in second. Bobby drove a reintroduced version of the Buick Regal. The true excitement came in the end of the race when Bobby and Davey were racing each other for the win. Bobby managed to pull ahead of his son and win. Post-race, everyone was filled with pride.

The car that won the race for the Stalova Brothers was a gold and white “Miller High Life” Buick Regal. From 1986 to 1998, it was the only road racer used by the team. It had a powerful V8 engine and four-speed manual Tilton clutch.


1. 1985 Talladega or Winston 500

Three decades ago, Bill Elliott made history at Talladega with the greatest comeback ever. His speed was like lightening. Up to lap 48, he was among the top three drivers. Unfortunately, his car began to smoke. After detecting an oil leak, many people felt it was a lost cause for Elliott to return to the race. He was almost two full laps down. To create the comeback of a lifetime, he topped speeds over 205 mph. On lap 145, Elliott made history and gained the lead position. As he won the Cup, fans cheered with wild emotion. On this day, Elliott earned the nickname “Awesome Bill.”

Elliott attributed this victory to his Coors Ford Thunderbird. During the mid-1980s, Ford focused on aerodynamic designs, which did wonders for speed. In qualifying, Elliott’s car averaged 205 mph. According to Ford manufacturers, it was specially designed to use wind for improved handling.

Although many NASCAR races are suspenseful, the above races were three of the most memorable. Fans can only hope that similar great moments are still to come. What are some of your favorite NASCAR races or finishes. Please add them to the comments section below or on the Cool Rides Online Facebook Page.


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