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All About Monster Jam

Monster JamMonster Truck Week continues today at the CRO Blog. So far this week, we looked at some of the best monster truck websites out there, some of the craziest monster trucks you will see and a primer on monster trucks. Today we are going to feature one of the biggest, if not THE biggest attraction of them all, Monster Jam.

Monster Jam had its early beginnings in the country’s southern states. These areas took pride in creating unique vehicles from ordinary parts. The first monster truck was the result of homemade ingenuity. Although monster truck designs have changed over the years, the basic concept remains the same. It has grown into a major sport celebrated at Monster Jam competitions.


What Is Monster Jam?

Monster Jam is a combination of racing and showmanship. Crowds are awed by amazing stunts performed by popular trucks. Each year, over 4 million fans fill arenas for live shows.

The whole idea began as a sideshow attraction at a tractor pull. At first, a giant truck moved slowly over older cars. Within a few years, it expanded, and trucks were being rigged with large motors and suspensions to gain the ability to leap in the air. Rules were created and enforced to maintain safety.

The Monster Jam freestyle event includes numerous vehicles taking turns to awe a crowd of enthusiasts. Each truck receives a minute to showcase its abilities and perform high jumps and other maneuvers.


Famous Monster Jam Vehicles

With each event comes new competitors, but there are definitely fan favorites that please the crowd time and time again. For example, Grave Digger is a Monster Jam staple. This truck began as a simple mud bogger in the 1980s and developed into a beast that won four championships. El Toro Loco is another unique vehicle on the Monster Jam circuit. Its name means “crazy bull,” and it’s decorated with horns that gore the competition. Max-D was created in 2003 and provides legendary performances. It dominates all courses and was the first truck to land a double-back flip.


World Finals

Each March, Las Vegas becomes home to the Monster Jam World Finals. Fans from all over the world flock to get a glimpse of the trucks and witness their abilities. In 2014, the Monster Jam Finals saw even more excitement. The show was expanded by dividing the racing and freestyle championships into separate nights. Ken Hudgens, COO of Feld Motor Sports, claims this change was a direct result of fan demand. The two-day event gave more access to fans, more competitions, and more trucks. This has set the stage for even better events in the future.


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