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AMC’s Big Home Run: The 1968 AMX

1968 AMX, a muscle car in the Grand Tourer (GT-style) sports car, made by American Motors Corporation (AMC). This car is finished in "Frost White" and has a red racing stripe that is part of the "Go-Package". Taken at the 2007 Rockville (Maryland) Antique and Classic Car Show.American Motor Company (AMC) was known for its sensible economy cars that didn’t necessarily appeal to younger drivers with a need for speed. That is not to say the company didn’t try, as they hit at least one home run with their signature AMX sportscar. When AMC introduced the 1968 model of the two seater hard-top, young car enthusiasts had reason to do a double take.

This rumbling monster was about the size of Corvette but had design features similar to those found on pony cars. The AMX was a broad model with a very wide stance for its otherwise compact design. It also featured an abnormally long front end compared to its abbreviated rear quarters. Named AMX as an abbreviation for “American Motors Experimental,” this car was definitely unlike anything else on the road at the time.

Not only was the AMX noteworthy for its looks, it was also commendable for its incredible performance. Because of its wide stance on a compact platform, the AMX was nearly unbeatable when it came to road handling. The Camaro may have been nicknamed the hugger because of how it seemed to wrap itself around the road, but some may argue the title belongs to this beast.

In that year’s Pikes Peak Hill Clumb, the 68 AMX was named the official pace car and led the parade to the top of the storied peak. In 1969 and 1970, it was named ‘Best Engineered Car of the Year’ by the American Automotive Society of Engineers. Though this model is a beloved piece of sports car history that, though no longer in production, is prized by collectors to this day.

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