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Cool Rides Online website updates

Cool Rides Online Software UpdateHello friends,

As many of you have noticed, the entire Cool Rides Online® website has been going through a complete overhaul.  This is to improve the user experience and increase membership and participation.

We launched the Cool Rides Online Blog in February which has been going great!  We now have new stories posted daily and we will continue to provide the news and entertainment that you enjoy!  I personally love the member of the week stories by Augie and the nostalgia pieces written by Pete featuring iconic cars of yesteryear!

Last week we updated our forum and Showroom gallery to bring it up to speed with today’s technology.  This new software brings with it the following benefits:

  1. Videos are now easier to post and share
  2. Groups and Clubs are now easier to create and manage
  3. The forum now shows members currently online and the newest members to join
  4. The New Showroom now has a search feature and is easier to navigate, rate and comment on
  5. We also now have a Facebook Connect button that allows anyone with a Facebook account to post on our forum (this should really increase participation since we have almost 30,000 Facebook followers)!

Unfortunately when we made the switch, we ran into some technical difficulties and the last two months of forum activity were not transferred over.  We understand that many of you posted pictures and stories that you want to keep on the site, so for the rest of May, we will keep the old forum hosted on a separate server so you can retrieve your pictures and stories and you can also copy/paste them into the new forum.  The old forum will stay “live” until May 31st at http://forumsv3.coolridesonline.net/

Because the new Showroom has different categories and options, we’ve decided to re-start the Showroom fresh!  So everyone is invited to post the VERY BEST pictures of your cars and tell us why your car should be chosen as a featured car.  Everyone is eligible to enter and get featured, even if you were already featured in the past!

Finally, last week our sponsor Start Your Engines!® Brand ran a contest looking for the best restoration/rebuild stories and Before & After pictures.  Because the software upgrade interrupted the contest, we are extending the deadline for another week!  So you now have until May 4th to get your pictures and stories posted!  Entries that were received on the old forum will still be considered for the cash and product prizes.

Old Restoration Contest Thread: http://forumsv3.coolridesonline.net/showthread.php?t=2199

New Restoration Contest Thread: http://forums.coolridesonline.net/showthread.php?1995


On behalf of Gold Eagle Co. and the Cool Rides Online® community, I’d like to thank you for joining us on the website and for sharing your pictures and stories with us!   We apologize for any inconvenience that our most recent software change has caused and we guarantee that we will work very hard to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.


Best Regards,

Marcel Manzano




New Showroom Gallery: http://forums.coolridesonline.net/photopost/

New Forum: http://forums.coolridesonline.net

Old Forum: http://forumsv3.coolridesonline.net

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