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Cool Rides Online member earns racing sponsorship

Once upon a time, Shawn Morgan – known to many on this forum by his alias Gtdhw – was just another member in the Cool Rides Online forum. Originally referred by a friend and fellow Chevy Vega driver who had won our site’s “Car of the Month” award, Morgan began getting involved soon after our site launched, starting by posting pictures of his Camaro and Vega until he eventually became a forum moderator.

Now, only a year later, Shawn Morgan has been able to realize his racing dreams with the help of Cool Rides Online, as our site has officially granted Morgan a drag racing sponsorship.

Morgan completed his first race with the Cool Rides Online logo on his uniform this weekend at the Bunker Hill Dragstrip in Indiana, where together with more than 80 fellow racers, Morgan put his skills to the test. And though he only took home 5 points for his showing – due in part to a lost torque converter and an early red reaction – the reigning Team Bunker Hill Points Champion remains optimistic about his chances in the NHRA Summit Racing Series this season and is pleased with his first weekend results.

“If you can get everything to the track, race all day, make it back home with nothing wrecked or broke, that’s all that counts,” Morgan said.

However, with the help of the Cool Rides sponsorship, Morgan was easily able to replace the torque converter in his 1969 Camaro S/P Race Car – one of two cars he took to the track – without the added expense. Morgan says he simply took out the transmission, replaced the part and that now his car is no worse for the wear, something he admits he can get used to.

While Shawn Morgan has been an avid car fan since his younger days, he didn’t fall into drag racing until much later. Gradually, his passion grew – taking him to car shows and auto shops – but it wasn’t until three years ago that he first took to the track. And with the help of Cool Rides Online, he’s now found a new way to make partaking in his favorite hobby easier. And who knows, maybe other soon-to-be sponsored drivers are out on our message boards right now?

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