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Classic Car Destinations – Volo Auto Museum

IMG_3810 (1)The Volo Auto Museum first began in 1960. Today, it attracts droves of auto enthusiasts who love viewing the exhibits, which include vintage and modern vehicles. Unlike similar venues, many display cars are available for sale or rent. Before visiting, it is important to understand this museum’s background and offerings.

Volo Auto Museum History

The Volo Auto Museum began as a hobby for the Grams family of Illinois. This group bought the property when it contained one building and a few junk cars. Over time, the family repaired the vehicles and sold them to the public. With the profits, they bought better cars and continued with this cycle. Eventually, they started dealing with collector cars. By the 1990s, much of the land had become a museum. Despite the reported supernatural activity on the property, guests flock to the museum every year for a “ghostly” good time.

Popular Exhibits and Fun Spots

The Volo Auto Museum has more than 33 attraction areas. Although most items relate to cars, other displays include bikes, snow vehicles, tractors, marine equipment, and cartoon themes. One of the most popular exhibits is the “Hollywood Collection.” Here, cars from “Batman” and other movies and television shows can be found.

The “Bizarre Car Collection” always draws a crowd. From Johnny Cash’s “Git-Tar Dragster” to “Brute Boss,” one of the first monster trucks, everyone delights in some of the most mind-blowing cars ever created.

In the military section, guests are educated and entertained by numerous wartime artifacts. Children have an area as well. “Cars of Wonderworld” allows guests to view various replicas, including Lightning McQueen from “Cars” and the vehicle from “The Flintstones” movie. Other enjoyable features are Disney props and old-fashioned kiddie rides. When it is time for a break, Pete’s Garage is the place to go. This tiny theater plays short films throughout the day.

A Visitor’s Guide

Since there are many exhibits to see, it is wise to schedule an entire day for a visit. The displays are spread among various buildings that span a large area, so a person should wear comfortable shoes. Weather permitting, it is possible to spend time in one of the outdoor parks. The museum is open all year and hosts various car shows, train tours, and other special events.

The Volo Auto Museum provides a unique experience to buyers, sellers, and families looking for a day of fun. Its offerings will intrigue all guests’ curiosity and wonder. Over the years, it has grown into a place people visit time and time again.

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