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Classic Tuesdays – 1947 Buick Super

1947 Buick SuperBuick had just introduced a redesigned Super for 1942 when production was halted for wartime. That abrupt cancellation meant just 33,000 Supers had been built, but it put Buick in the perfect position to meet the pent-up demand of post-war buyers. When production resumed four years later, they had a modern design that would cement their position as America’s fourth biggest brand.


1947 Buick Super – Small Engine, Big Cabin

The Super is quite literally in the middle of the Buick lineup. The front of the car is from the Special, while everything from the firewall back is from the Roadmaster. This combination provides all the space of Buick’s top-of-the-line car with the more economical engine from their smallest offering. The 248 cubic inch OHV Fireball in-line 8 had its compression ratio lowered to handle post-war gas concerns. However, its 110 hp was backed up by a massive amount of low-end torque, giving it respectable performance.


A Family Car With Style

The appeal of the Super was as much about its looks as its practicality. Any hint of running boards had been removed, giving the car long, flowing lines and a smooth transition between the front fenders and doors in stark contrast to the older pre-war styling of its contemporaries. The car’s look was completed when a massive chrome grill with vertical slats was added for 1947. Many were shipped over to Germany for use by U.S. Army officers, earning it the nickname “Millionen Dollar Grinsen,” literally “Million Dollar Grin.” For contemporary buyers, the Buick gave them styling one would expect in a Lincoln or a Cadillac without the huge price tag.

Buyers could choose between a two door fastback “sedanette,” four door sedan, convertible or woody station wagon body. Approximately 160,000 Supers were built that year, setting a record for the brand and accounting for 75 percent of Buick’s sales.



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