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Cool Christmas Classic or Muscle Car Lights and Decorations

Form all of us at the the Cool Rides Online Blog to all of our readers, we hope you’re having a very Merry Christmas. We hope you’re having a fantastic holiday season.

Christmas is a time for decorating. Lights are strung on the house and the tree. Some people go crazy and decorate cars. Here are some of the coolest cars decorated for the holiday season.


Holly Berry

Holly BerryEach year, El Cajon, California, holds its “Parade of Lights” holiday show. On Main Street, Santa can be seen among hundreds of custom hot rods and classic cars decked out with festive lights and other ornaments. One if the coolest displays is Holly Berry. Thanks to the rope lights that outline the vehicle, the entire car shines brightly. This vintage cruiser is decorated with hundreds of colored lights that flash in time to holiday music. There is even a decorated Christmas tree tied to the roof for good measure.


1957 Chevy Bellaire

1957 Chevy BellaireJohn Bandimere was a well-known Chevy auto racer in the 1950s. The 1957 Chevy Bellaire holds a special place in the heart of his son, Dave. While feeling a bit nostalgic a few years ago, Dave purchased a 1957 Bellaire and decided to decorate it with red Christmas lights and add a festive touch to his Golden, Colorado, neighborhood. Neighbors love this piece of art and drive by for a peek throughout the holiday season.


1969 Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe

1969 Chrysler Imperial Crown CoupeDoug Englewood gained inspiration from his neighbor Dave Bandimere and put his own classic auto on display for Christmas. He decorated his Imperial Crown Coupe with bright blue LED lights to contrast the red lights of his neighbor. It has become a holiday tradition that draws crowds and never fails to disappoint.

These are just a few of the cars that feature some great Christmas decorations. They serve as inspiration to get with the spirit of the season and use some creativity to unveil an amazing display. Instead of draping lights on the outside of the home, take it a bit further and continue the fun on a vehicle. It always grabs attention and makes the holidays a bit more special.


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