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’67 Mustang is Family Dream Project

by Jason Terryjt6e

I’m 43 years old and I work in the oil and gas business in West Texas (Odessa,Texas). I love to build things with my hands and I try to pass that along to my kids so they can have the pleasure of saying “I built that”. We spend a lot of time outdoors hunting, fishing and working on cars. My kids will have those memories forever…working on the cars together or a fishing trip we went on. In 10 years from now they won’t remember what video game they played with Dad, but they will always remember when we took a 50 year old mustang and turned it into one of the coolest mustangs in the country. We have won several shows with it and it has also won best paint awards.

We currently have the ’67 Mustang as well as two classic Jeeps – a 1981 CJ5 and a 1977 CJ7 that we tinker with and like to cruise in the summer time. If money was no object I would like to build a traditional Model A Hot Rod, all steel. Or, maybe a 60’s Camaro with a blower. I’m not really a specific Ford or Chevy guy; I love ‘em all.

I always had a love for the classic Mustangs. We had a ‘65 when I was a kid that all my four brothers and sister drove in high school which eventually got passed down to me to drive in high school also. I first learned about Cool Rides Online through Facebook and my favorite of my cool rides is this ’67 Mustang that my sons and I restored. That is what makes this car so special – it was a family project. We have made so many new friends because if this car…it gets so much attention from people of all ages. It’s a hot rod Mustang but it’s still a classic and everyone has a Mustang story they like to tell.


Next, I plan on doing some suspension work to get the rear end to hook up better. We are going to add some cal-Tracs and experiment with some shocks 90/10s in the front to get a little more lift out of the front end and transfer weight to the rear tires. This year, we plan on hitting as many car shows as we can. We are planning on going to some of the bigger national Mustang shows and are going to try to do some more photo shoots of the car. I would love to see it get into a print magazine some day!

My favorite memory with the car is all the long hours and work we put into the paint and body work and to have that pay off in a best paint award at the car shows. The kids loved when they called our car for best paint! That is something we did together and they can say “We Did That”.


As far as the most difficult modification, it was cutting out the rust and making patch panels to weld in. There was lots of time spent on the panels to get them laser-straight. The doors and body lines were pretty bad when we started. The car has a stroked 347 roller that was built by Shannon Wilson who is also from Odessa, Texas. It has a C6 transmission with a 3500 stall and a 8.8 rear end with 3:73 gears out of a fox body mustang.


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