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Craziest Monster Trucks of All Time

Monster trucks have captured the popular imagination ever since Bigfoot first burst onto the scene in 1979. The granddaddy of them all is still one of the most popular vehicles in the sport, but monster trucks have come a long way since then. From three-dimensional bodies to jacked-up school buses and even tank tracks, the world of monster trucks has seen just about everything. Below are a few of the craziest trucks to have ever jumped, smashed and crashed their way into the public eye.


Craziest Monster Truck #1 – Smart Forfun2

Smart_Forfun2It’s a Smart Fortwo, and it’s a monster truck. That’s all that must be said for this unique creation, the brainchild of Greek off-road racer and vehicle designer Stefanos Attart. The diminutive Smart Fortwo shell sits atop the beefy, four-wheel drive underpinnings of a Mercedes Benz Unimog 406 and is powered by a deceptively spunky 84-horsepower engine. Although it can’t quite stack up to the competition-ready trucks found in the Monster Jam and other popular competitions, this massive mini undoubtedly earns its “monster” designation.


Craziest Monster Truck #2 – Jurassic Attack

Jurrasic_attackFew monster trucks make a more striking first impression than Jurassic Attack. Designed by Don Frankish and inspired by the legendary Triceratops dinosaur, Jurassic Attack sports a distinctive three-horn design with a large frill just behind the cab. Featuring a scaly blue paint job and a large eye over each door, there’s little wonder Jurassic Attack is considered one of the most memorable and unique of the three-dimensional “character body” trucks.


Craziest Monster Truck #3 – Backwards Bob

backwards-bobIt’s generally not a good idea to go the wrong way during a monster truck competition, but Backwards Bob has made a career of it. Though the blue Ford pickup shell looks deceptively ordinary when it’s parked, the truck makes a striking impression when it’s on the move. With the body mounted backwards on the chassis, watching Backwards Bob seemingly fly over ramps and smash through cars and buses in reverse is a surreal experience that’s unlike anything else in the wide, weird world of monster trucks.


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