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CRO Champ in Blacktop Magazine

Although I am featured in several magazines each year, I am always grateful to the magazine owners and editors to allow me or my toys to grace their pages.  Blacktop Magazine featured my husband and I in issue #6- Blacktop Magazine | Blacktop Magazine SPE06 – Trunkload , which was released at the very end of 2013.  We were grateful to be given a four page feature, outlining our lifestyle and our projects.  Not only have my cars changed since the first feature, but so has my brand; instead of owning a Corvette and Camaro, I now own a Charger and a Challenger.  When Tony Colombini, owner of Blacktop Magazine sent out a newsletter asking for “That 70’s Style” for his special print edition, issue #11, I submitted my recently completed 1974 Charger.  Print issues can be purchased on-demand and it can also be viewed online free of charge- Blacktop Magazine | Blacktop Magazine SPE 11 – That 70’s…


About Blacktop Magazine (Get your free digital copy of the issue here):


Blacktop Magazine is a Hot Rod, Motorcycle and Vintage Kulture enthusiast publication. Founded in 1997 by Tony Colombini as Car-Shows.com, a year later he built Bike-Shows.com and in 2007 Colombini merged the two and built BlacktopMagazine.com, and brought on his son Billy for help. Soon after, they created the hit YouTube Channel BlacktopTV sharing their antics in video form. A little over two years ago they added Special Print Editions to the line up offering 40 page print-on-demand issues for those who prefer hard-copies of the content.

Blacktop Magazine is produced at The Blacktop Media Network, a high-performance motorsports marketing, design and content development firm specializing in building brands for the automotive and motorcycle aftermarket industry. The Blacktop Media Network is located in the historic C.W. Moss Building, a 1920’s automotive dealership building along the railroad tracks in Old Towne Orange, California. The building is Internationally recognized as a destination for automotive enthusiasts.


Tony grew up in a construction family. His Grandfather and Father both owned construction companies. He gained his strong work ethic from these men. In the early 1980’s Tony worked his way to be one of the youngest Kitchen Managers’ running a 2.1 million dollar kitchen at the La Mesa Bobby McGee’s. He studied Architecture, Oceanography, Psychology and found a BFA Degree in Visual Communications from the Laguna College of Art and Design as his calling.

After college, Tony started his design studio “Corner” and built a practice of marketing communications design. For 12 years he shared his passion, teaching graphic design, typography, color theory and art history at area colleges. He was twice elected President of the Orange County chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts and has presented at several design industry conferences on subjects of branding, typography and creativity.

Tony is very passionate, creating value for the automotive/motorcycle aftermarket industry with proven marketing design tools. His clients appreciate his steps beyond the scope and breaking through the overwhelming challenge of new campaigns with The Blacktop Media Network.


Billy is extraordinary in his resilience and ability to overcome tragedy. At age 8 he suffered a head injury, which resulted in a learning disability making it difficult to read and write, at age 18, he was a passenger in a truck that overturned and resulted in a paralyzing L1 spinal cord injury. The doctors said he would never walk or ride a motorcycle again, which he proved wrong through hard work and determination. Fortunately he regained the use of his upper thigh muscles and is able to walk short distances with crutches and ride his Harley with a sidecar.

Billy was tested again when he contracted a multi-strain resistant staph infection, which after four surgeries and loss of bone tissue, he was told that this sort of infection had a high death rate and that he would have to be strong to overcome it. Well, he showed the strength needed and after a couple of years of a weakened immune system, lots of pain, and fragile health, he came through more energized than ever.

Today Billy advises on what is cool and helps seek out the life-changing moments that touch the people we share at Blacktop Magazine.  His story has inspired many who seek ways to overcome their challenges.

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