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CRO Champ “Mops Up” at East Coast Indoor Nationals

Murphy’s Law states that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. That is how I started out at the East Coast Indoor Nationals.

This was my very first time at this venue and I was planning on making a “splash”, not literally, with my Patriotic PT Cruiser. One of the features of my car that always attracts attention is the custom-made working waterfall in the hatchback. I filled the reservoir with water as normal and turned it on. Nothing! It would not pump. I messed with the switch and checked the power source, and it still would not work. I then plugged and unplugged some wires and noticed that I had plugged the drain pump in and now water was cascading from beneath my car and spreading across the floor. I hurriedly turned it off and ran for a mop and bucket. After cleaning up the water I noticed that some water pooled underneath a 1959 Ford Thunderbird that was parked behind me. I grabbed paper towels and tried to sop up as much as I could. This is not how I wanted to leave an impression with the judges at this show.

This was the 27th Annual East Coast Indoor Nationals (ECIN). The Timonium Fairgrounds, with over 2000 square feet of space in the Cow Palace hosts this event. There were between 250-300 vehicles on display with lots of vendors “Hawking” their wares. There is something for everyone here; Radio Control (RC) racing for kids of all ages, jewelry and gifts for the ladies, and tools, memorabilia, etc., for the men. The U.S. Marines were present encouraging donations for “Toys for Tots”. A 50/50 has been going on since they opened the doors with a payout of over $5,000.

I walked through all three buildings checking out the cars, trucks, motorcycles, vendors, and feeding my “growling” stomach. I made several friends at this event and shared my Cool Rides Online business cards and encouraged them to “Join the Club”.

By the end of the show the amount of money donated for “Toys for Tots” reached over $28,000. The 50/50 alone paid over $7,000, which the winner donated to the charity. Over 100 awards, including plaques and money, were presented to the owners of the finest vehicles at the show.

I found this to be a very nice show. I enjoyed seeing the cars and trucks on display and speaking with the owners. I hope that the people I spoke with will take advantage of joining Cool Rides Online.  This event started with a “splash” but it was no “washout”.

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