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Custom Tuesdays – Car Fix on Velocity Channel

Velocity, a subsidiary of “The Discovery Channel,” has dedicated an entire network to diverse car programs including original series and specials. One of the most popular shows is “Car Fix.” A viewer will enjoy an in-depth look into the “how-to” expertise of its knowledgeable hosts. A person will gain insight into numerous projects, modifications, repairs and upgrades. Most car enthusiasts will enjoy watching an ordinary vehicle be transformed into a spectacular project with the use of aftermarket products. Also, viewers would like tips and advice for personal projects as well.


About Car Fix on Velocity Channel

Car Fix Velocity Channel“Car Fix” is hosted by Jared Zimmerman and Lou Santiago. Zimmerman has always enjoyed repairing cars and building hot rods. As he forged his way through the industry, he became an expert at metal fabrication, which gives him the power to use his imagination to the fullest. Recently, he took an interest in circuits and more complicated electronic projects. Santiago is recognized from other car programs including Discovery’s “Ultimate Car Build-Off.” He has always loved street racing and enjoyed creative fabrication.

The show is constantly bringing new “how-to” projects into the viewer’s living room. For example, on the first episode, the hosts installed a custom exhaust on a Z06 Corvette. Certain episodes displayed customizations to Dodge and Chevy trucks. Other restorations and engine repairs were explored as well.


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There are many car shows in production. However, the one thing that sets “Car Fix” apart from the crowd is the awesome talent and creativity that is brought to each episode. The hosts tackle projects that most viewers would love to do but do not have the time, money or tools to accomplish. Anyone who loves high performance and enjoys getting creative in the garage should not miss “Car Fix” on Velocity.


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