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Do You Restore or Rebuild Your Classic Car Project?

Car enthusiasts often have a favorite era, brand or vehicle and may desire to make improvements on a classic car they obtain. However, when contemplating a project, it is better to tackle a rebuild over a complete restoration.


Reasons to Rebuild

55 Fall Pictures 2014 075 webCertain people have the foresight to view a rusted and damaged classic car as a project that will yield a unique treasure.

Rebuilding a car allows a person to customize everything. Thanks to the large amount of aftermarket accessories and kits, it is possible to create a one-of-a-kind classic.

In addition, rebuilding a car provides experience and builds knowledge. Practicing maintenance and other tasks on an older car helps a person learn and gain skills that can be applied to his or her everyday driving.


Reasons Not to Restore

Restoring a vintage car means returning it to “authentic” condition. A restored classic car should be as close to original as possible. This entire process can get extremely expensive. Many times, a person will purchase an older vehicle in need of massive repairs. To bring the car back to original specifications, it may end up costing more than it is worth. After a person sinks a great deal of money into the project, it may become financially impossible to finish the job. According to vintage experts, car restoration entails a massive amount of tedious work that might stop being fun.


Keep It Fun

In most cases, an individual tackles a restoration project for the love of the automobile. It is a fun hobby that can end with a unique weekend vehicle. Learning and sharing history are the best parts of the process but may be undermined by the hard work and expense of restoration. Rebuilding a vehicle allows the spirit of a classic car to live but without the hassle and precise measures needed for a proper restoration. In most cases, aftermarket parts do not detract from a car’s beauty. Rebuilding can produce a ride that turns many heads and does not break the bank.


Which do you think is the better approach in taking on a classic car project. Do you prefer to rebuild or restore a car you just purchased? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Cool Rides Online Facebook Page.


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