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Dodge Challenger – First Generation vs Fourth, Which Do You Prefer?

When the Dodge Challenger finally hit the scene in the fall of 1969, it immediately became one of America’s favorite muscle cars. Despite the first generation’s legendary status, the current Challenger could be the best version to ever hit the market. Can the fourth generation Challenger actually knock the original model off its pedestal?


Battle of the Hemi Engines

1971 Dodge ChallengerAlthough the first generation Challenger was available with several different V-8 engines, the 440 big-block engine was the king of the lineup. The muscular Hemi engine pumped out an impressive 390 horsepower. Upon pushing the pedal to the floor, the 1970 Challenger could hit 60 mph in about 5.7 seconds. Although the first generation Challenger was quick, it seems slow when lined up against the fourth generation. Car and Driver clocked the new R/T Scat Pack model with a 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds. With a 707 horsepower output, the supercharged Hellcat model is among the fastest muscle cars in history.


Driving Experience

While the fourth generation is obviously faster, speed isn’t the only thing that makes a muscle car special. The first generation’s nostalgia cannot be overlooked. When behind the wheel of the original Challenger, drivers can feel the brawny V-8 engine vibrating their seat. The car’s lack of high-tech equipment allows you to focus solely on the task of driving. For the drivers who desire the best possible handling, the fourth-generation Challenger is an easy choice.


Curb Appeal

2015 Dodge ChallengerDodge did an awesome job of designing the latest Challenger. The big coupe’s retro styling has been praised by a lot of muscle car fanatics. However, the first generation Challenger is already a classic. Old-school muscle cars such as the original Dodge Challenger never grow old. Whether the owner is competing at a car show or cruising around town, their vintage Challenger is destined to attract a lot of admirers.


Although the fourth generation Challenger is the horsepower champ, it is essentially a replica of the original model. The first generation Challenger was one of the cars that helped build the Mopar brand. Do muscle car enthusiasts prefer tire-shredding performance or originality?

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