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2013 Hot Rod Power Tour: Fueling Friendships

The 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour for the STA-BIL® Engine Answerman™ team was a great success, as we “Fueled Friendships” in seven cities over seven days, covering nearly 2,400 miles from Arlington, TX to Charlotte, NC. What fun we had!

The Hot Rod Power Tour is a ton of fun and a good opportunity to educate car buffs how STA-BIL® Ethanol Treatment protects their cars from the harmful effects of ethanol-blended gasoline. Ethanol in the fuel system is an issue for cars of all ages but especially for the classic and performance cars we see on the Tour. Our goal was also to meet folks and educate classic car owners and hot rodders about 303® Products.

Our journey started at the University of Texas in Arlington, TX on June 1 and ended at the Z-Max Speedway in Concord, NC on June 7. The STA-BIL Engine Answerman™ team included Leroy Santana, James Brown, Marcel Manzano and Bruce Kaufman and I was sure glad we had a full crew. This was our 5th annual Power Tour, and we’ve created some special relationships among the “Long Haulers” who travel the entire Tour.

Each day, there were roughly 1,500 “Long Haulers” with an additional 1,000 tour participants, not to mention all the local spectators on site. Most of the people we met were familiar with STA-BIL branded products and used them on a regular basis. This year, ethanol was a hot topic of the Tour. Classic car owners and hot rodders understand the effects of today’s ethanol-blended fuels and were glad to see us educating fellow enthusiasts.

Each day, we gave away a magnet piece from Cool Rides Online, the online community for custom rides of all types. The enthusiasm for these magnets was unbelievable! Available only for the “Long Haulers,” each day we’d have a group stop by our booth to get their daily magnet piece and make sure we were drinking enough water, getting enough shade and doing OK. We were also impressed that the “Long Haulers” were continually thanking us for being a sponsor! This made us feel great, because without sponsors, the event doesn’t happen!

On the first night of the Tour, I got on stage to announce a contest to give away $100 gift cards and kits of 303 Convertible Top Cleaning and Care Kits, a premium all-in-one solution to protect Tonneau and other convertibles tops, to select convertible owners on tour along with coupons for STA-BIL products.

Each day of the Tour, Leroy or Bruce joined me to meet with convertible owners and educate them about 303 Convertible Top Cleaner. On the last day, ten convertible cars were chosen as finalists, and from there, it was narrowed down to the Top 5 convertibles. . The Top 5 received a 303 Products Convertible Top Cleaner Kit along with a $100 gift card. The runner-ups were given their choice of other 303 Products.

The 303 line created a lot of buzz among consumers. When we told people that 303 Products are made by the same fine company that makes STA-BIL, Gold Eagle Co., this created a degree of trust, as most of these folks know and use STA-BIL. We asked everyone to come back after they used 303 to get their feedback, and we continued to get rave reviews and lots of questions on where they can purchase 303 Products, especially 303 Aerospace Protectant.

The 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour™ was a great success and we enjoyed being part of it again this year. We educated thousands of people how STA-BIL helps fight the negative effects of ethanol, and we spread the word about 303 Products. Overall, we helped folks learn how to protect the things they love.

See you on the road!


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