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Ask The Engine Answerman: Riding Mower Engine Troubles, Beating White Rust, Plus $1 off STA-BIL!

Hey everyone, I’m back with another update in my “Ask The Engine Answerman” series!

I’ve covered a bunch of fun and important topics in the last few months, from fuel performance and carburetor corrosion, to great road trip music and playlists, summer travel safety tips, and even some windshield maintenance advice!

This time around I’ll answer a riding lawn mower question for ya’ll in honor of my recent induction in to the United States Lawn Mower Racing Association Hall of Fame & Museum of America. I’ll also share my thoughts on some recent questions about “White Rust” I’ve heard while out at Sturgis, the Syracuse Nationals Car Show, and on the Hot Rod Power Tour stops of my Engine Answerman tour!

Do you have a question for me regarding fuel management, engine care, lawn mower racing, or heck, even Southern living or anything else? Visit my “Ask Bobby” page, hit me up on Facebook or send me a Tweet!

As promised, we’ll start with a question about a Briggs & Stratton riding mower with a mysterious engine issue…


I’m betting Mike is dealing with a clogged jet… or his choke is not closing properly, which can prevent it from drawing in fuel. I’ve advised him to adjust the choke cable if this is the case, and am looking forward to hearing back to see if this has solved his problem! And if you have a problem similar to this, let me know!

Up next let’s move to some slightly bigger toys – we’re talkin’ bikes and boats! The crowd at Sturgis had a lot of questions about the “white rust” we’re seeing more and more of as people use ethanol. It was a pleasure educating these guys in particular, who ended up getting answers about their motorboat even though they were at one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world!

As I told them, if YOU are experiencing “white rust” (that grey sludge in the fuel line of YOUR vehicle or small engine), make sure to fill your gas tank to 95% full, then get some STA-BIL in there to clean it right out! I suggest doing this as a preventive measure before storing for the winter as well…

Don’t have any STA-BIL in your garage this fall? You’re in luck – click here for a coupon for $1 OFF at Walmart stores!

And finally, with fall here and winter right around the corner, I’d like to take this chance to turn the tables on ya’ll! I KNOW i’m going to be hearing winter care care questions soon, and since I’ve got some of the smartest readers out there, I want to hear YOUR tips! Share ’em with me and I’ll post my favorite for everyone to use next time…

That’s all for this round of “Ask The Engine Answerman”… but stay tuned for for posts about the USLMRA National Lawn Mower Racing Series Finals, a roast my friends held for me, and more! It’s been a blast talking with you all, so keep your questions coming!

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