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Bobby Cleveland to jump his Monster Mower over 22 Race Cars on ‘April Fuels Day’

It’s no joke that today on April 1 the STA-BIL® Engine Answerman and World’s Fastest Lawn Mower Racing Champion, Bobby Cleveland, will jump his Monster Mower over 22 race cars at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Cleveland will complete the jump with his custom-built Monster Mower to commemorate the announcement of his prestigious induction into the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association’s (USLMRA) National Lawn Mower Racing Hall of Fame and kick-off excitement for the STA-BIL Lawn and Garden Mower Racing Series event this weekend at AutoFair.

One of the most decorated lawn mower racers in the world and an engine expert, Cleveland set the World Land Speed Record of 96.529 miles per hour at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2010 on a lawn mower he built. On April 1, Cleveland aims to set a new record at Charlotte Motor Speedway on the world’s first Monster Mower, which features a custom-built Snapper with 20 horsepower v-twin engine, 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering and 4-wheel independent suspension, by making a monster jump over 22 race cars.

“I’m really excited to meet with Charlotte guests to attempt this jump on my Monster Mower in celebration of the USLMRA’s 22 anniversary today,” said Bobby Cleveland. “April Fuels Day is all about having fun, and we certainly aim to do just that today and this coming weekend at the Auto Fair.”
Cleveland will jump his Monster Mower today at 1 p.m. ET at the Charlotte Motor Speedway track. The event leads up to the AutoFair presented by Oldride.com from April 3-6 at Charlotte Motor Speedway where USLMRA members from across the country are coming to compete in the STA-BIL National Lawn Mower Racing Series.

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