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Getting excited for 2015! Travel, some mower racing, a wedding and more!

I have amazing things to look forward to in 2015! Here’s a little preview…

I’m not looking forward to the colder winter weather so I’m excited to be going to Barrett-Jackson first thing in January! Desert sun and beautiful collector cars make an unbeatable combination.

I’ll be going to a lot of my favorite shows again like the Syracuse Nationals, Hot Rod Power Tour, and SEMA Show as well as some new ones like the Leesburg Bike Fest in Florida and Srappin’ The Coast in Biloxi. Thank goodness I have my Engine Answerman Team to help me out because it’s going to be a busy year – check out my upcoming tour here.

Another cool thing that will happen in 2015 is that there will be feedback on the new STA-BIL 360 products! Our ongoing efforts to provide folks with free samples of 303 Products will also continue – they will have been out for a year now, and I will get all the response from people who have tried it since its release. I love going back to shows and getting to hear people’s stories about how much they liked one of the products i gave them! I get huge satisfaction knowing that my advice may have helped someone solve a problem. It’s kind of like I’m a teacher that gets to see his students after they’ve graduated. It’s so rewarding and always a blast!

2015 will also feature another season of racing mowers with the USLMRA! I haven’t decided which races to head to yet, but their 2015 Season is here – stay tuned for updates from the track!

The biggest event for me this year, however, will be my wedding. That’s right, I’M GETTING MARRIED!!! My fiancée, Tammy, and I got engaged just before the Hot Rod Power Tour – here’s a photo from the big day…

Me and Tammy in the the Grand Canyon earlier. What a great morning and what a fun ride!

A photo posted by engineanswerman (@engineanswerman) on

We are hosting it at what I like to call the “Bobby Cleveland Racing Facility” and everyone is invited – It’s gonna be huge!

So, I couldn’t be more excited for 2015. I’m thrilled to be able to see more spectacular cars, boats, and motorcycles as your Engine Answerman! Let’s get started on the next leg of this crazy journey.

See y’all on the road!

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