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Happy Thanksgiving Y’all! Here are my Turkey Day Tips…

Thanksgiving is one delicious holiday. It’s also a great time to relax. My favorite things about Thanksgiving are the fellowship, hang time with family, eating (of course), and football.

One Thanksgiving delicacy that I love to make is a deep-fried turkey. It’s a southern thing. All you have to do is drop your turkey into a large vat of oil and it will be cooked perfectly in 20-30 minutes. Pro Tip: Use extreme caution when working with large amounts of hot oil!

While deep-fried turkey is delicious, my favorite thing to cook is a nice, juicy ham. I’ll get a 15-20 lb. ham and lay it on a bed of potatoes, onions and salt. Then I’ll cover everything with lots of butter. It also doesn’t hurt to add an apple or something extra for a little more zest. Cover the ham and its bed of potatoes in foil and stick the tray into a 300 degree oven for three hours. Half an hour before it’s done, take the foil wrap off your ham and let it bake uncovered. That’ll give you a nice brown color on the outside and even more flavor. Your ham should bake perfectly.

My ultimate Thanksgiving tip has to be this: Make sure you eat light two days before and have nothing to do for at least a day after!

Happy Eating,


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