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I Joined A Butter Cow, Some Amazing Food, and A Million People at the Iowa State Fair

Welcome to the first entry of my ‘new and improved’ blog. The way in which we handle the Engine Answerman events has also changed and improved. I have a lot more help now, (very knowledgeable and enthusiastic folks) which allows us to be at larger events, gives me more time with consumers, to do interviews, walk the shows and meet people, etc. We still attend car, boat and motorcycle shows, but we also have a presence at other, more family-oriented events like this one.

We’re grateful for our loyal customers, but we also want to reach folks who may not know about the great products that Gold Eagle manufacture. With the emergence of ethanol in fuel, there are a lot of people who want information on how to deal with the effects. Ethanol was on a lot of peoples’ minds here, as I’m finding more and more everywhere.

We have a tent now, with a lot of interactive ‘toys’ – like a spin-wheel where people can win prizes, an iPad for people wanting to join CoolRides, a STA-BIL® wagon for kids to be photographed in – and we’ll be adding more. Of course my ‘toys’ are still there – like the World’s Fastest Lawnmower. Since I don’t have to drive the Big Blue Truck to every event anymore, I get to hit more regions of the good ol’ USA!

What a great event the Iowa State Fair was! Perfect weather (not too hot and not at all humid) and great crowds – nearly 1.1 million people attended over the ten days. I got interview by a few local news stations – KCCI Channel 8 and WOI Channel 5. Also did an interview with the Des Moines Register! Not too shabby for a guy from Locus Grove, Georgia just doing what I love to do.

The food was unbelievable and kind of strange. They had everything from chocolate dipped bacon to deep fried Twinkies – all on a stick! And I couldn’t find sweet tea anywhere at the Iowa State Fair – or in Des Moines. I’ll see if I can’t get that fixed by next year.

Now if this doesn’t entice you to visit the Iowa State Fair next year, I don’t know what will. Maybe entertainment like Hank Williams Jr., Rascal Flats or Journey – they all played while I was there.

Please leave me a comment or question below. Always looking suggestions for improving the blog.

And if you’re in the Colorado vicinity, I hope you’ll join me at the Colorado State Fair this coming weekend: August 24 – 26.

Until next time!

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