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“Indy Style” – Talking Spring Lawn Care (And Lawn Mower Racing) On WISH-TV Indianapolis

I had a great time on WISH-TV, Indianapolis earlier this week with my new friends and show hosts Tracy Forner & Andi Hauser. We talked about Spring Lawn Maintenance and getting your outdoor power equipment ready for the season.

I even had a chance to race Tracy on some racing mowers provided by my USLMRA racing buddies Steve and Jonathan Barber and Kary Koellicker!

Talking Lawn Maintenance

I was asked “What are some good tips you can share with viewers to help them get their lawn in great shape this spring?” Well, here are my tips…

Now that it’s starting to get warmer, you’ll want to get your gas-powered lawn equipment, like your lawnmower, hedge trimmer and leaf blower, up and running again. Your small engine equipment has been sitting in storage all winter long and may be hesitant to start.

There are four simple steps you can take to help prevent small engine equipment problems and avoid a trip to the repair shop:

  1. Educate yourself on how to care for small engine machines and equipment. Are there products or fluids that will help keep the engine clean? How often should the oil be changed? Proper care now can keep equipment running better, longer.
  2. Check fasteners, cutting blades and oil levels when you first take equipment out of storage. Fasteners should be tightened, blades sharpened and wheel bearings and fittings should be lubricated.
  3. For trouble starting a small engine, add appropriate fluids like Start Your Engines! fuel additive. This will clear clogged fuel lines and flush out the engine, so it’s clean and easy to start. All you do is pour a bottle into the fuel tank, give it a minute, and your small engine equipment will start up fast.
  4. Once your equipment is up and running, it’s important to do some maintenance throughout the season.
    1. Make sure to clean the main elements of your machinery, like the blades, debris bag and exterior carefully each time you use them.
    2. Also, make sure to add an ethanol fuel treatment and stabilizer like STA-BIL Protection to fresh fuel at every fill-up. America’s #1 selling fuel stabilizer, STA-BIL helps boost engine performance, keeps fuel fresh and prevents corrosion, which is amplified by ethanol in today’s gasoline.

With a little preventative maintenance, you can spend your valuable time focusing on making your yard look its best and avoid a trip to the repair shop!

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