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Meet EAM Team Member Tyler Rossdeutcher: Fuel Performance Specialist

Tyler Rossdeutcher is Gold Eagle’s Fuel Performance Specialist – he is the go-to guy when it comes to STA-BIL® products and their usages. Tyler started out as a Customer Development Associate on Gold Eagle’s Customer Development Team where he gained important technical knowledge about STA-BIL® branded products by answering customer questions and calls. This base of product knowledge has allowed him to cultivate his understanding of fuel additives, fuel systems, and how STA-BIL® works which is now the core of his job.

Tyler RossdeutcherAs the Fuel Performance Specialist, Rossdeutcher is constantly learning. He has to stay on top of the always-evolving fuel industry and be able to adapt. “Fuel, fuel systems, and fuel additives are constantly changing,” Rossdeutcher said. “Competitive products are coming out constantly and it’s important for me to know what is out there and what different products do so that I can educate the consumer.” In order to stay in the loop, Rossdeutcher makes regular visits to automotive parts stores in order to see products as they are marketed on the shelves. This allows him to observe claims and make comparisons. He then takes his wide breadth of information and uses it on online forums and discussion boards. Rossdeutcher injects himself into online conversations in which a consumer may have a question or misunderstanding about STA-BIL® and fuel additives and offers his professional view point. “STA-BIL® products have been tried-and-true for decades,” he said. “We have a lot to offer.”

Even though he is a Fuel Performance Specialist, Rossdeutcher still knows that there will always be more to learn. “There are always going to be questions that I haven’t heard before,” he said. “There are different and ever-evolving fuel systems and I need to adapt to questions that arise, whether I’m being asked about an old car/truck/motorcycle or new.” Rossdeutcher is currently exploring the technicalities behind diesel fuel and diesel fuel systems. Even though gas has been dominant for a while (in the U.S.), he believes that soon diesel fuel will start to gain more traction and focus in the fuel industry here.

Overall, Rossdeutcher’s special knowledge gives him the perfect opportunity to offer help to individuals where they need it most. He gets first-hand experience with what people are chatting about on forums, what is of interest to consumers, and can therefore provide a much-needed service. “I get experience in what people like, don’t like, and why,” Rossdeutcher said. “Then, I can tell them about STA-BIL® and why our products are a fantastic choice when looking to treat fuel-related issues. We have a wide range of products and consumers should know why they should consider us to be their fuel additive of choice.”

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