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My Photos & Notes from the 74th Annual Sturgis Bike Rally

The STA-BIL Engine Answerman Team was in Sturgis South Dakota for the 74th Annual Bike Rally, August 1-9, and what awesome event experience we had!

Our booth location was in a terrific spot, facing Lazelle Street in right across from the Knuckle, one of Sturgis’ most popular hot spots. To say we were busy for all nine days would be an understatement: we were swamped for all nine days – and it was great!

The bikers were great, and so thankful that we were there handing out samples of STA-BIL, answering questions and talking about proper fuel management. 303® Aerospace Protectant was a huge hit as well, and the bikers gobbled up several thousand samples throughout the Rally.


We had a couple of signs in-front of our booth letting the bikers know we had samples of Sta-Bil®, 303® and 104 Octane Boost®. For the bikers to get samples of Octane Boost they would ride their bikes to the rear of our booth and would dose their tanks. When the bikers came up and mentioned that their bikes were riding rough due to bad fuel, we hooked them up with 104 Octane Boost. Overall, it was great meeting people and seeing all the bikes!

During out last days of the rally, KOTA ABC came to the booth and interviewed Bob Cleveland. The interview was played on the nightly news cast, and you can watch it below.

Next year is the 75th Anniversary Sturgis Rally – and I can’t wait to head back!

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